Career Opportunities in Yoga
Career Opportunities in Yoga
Yoga allows an individual to feel good and cracking from the inside-out.

And what better way to nurture mind and body than practicing Yoga?

Gone are the days when only striking work-life balance could help you achieve serenity. Having a healthy mind and a healthy body is equally vital, and can lead to happiness and peace.

From instilling a sense of calmness to fostering the proper functioning of the organs, chiseling the body into the right shape and infusing a certain glow, while impregnating spirituality are some of the many things that yoga is capable of doing. 

And for all those who think that practicing yoga can eventually turn out to be mundane and that this form of exercise lacks exuberance, you may have known very little about it. 

Yoga sure aims to ground oneself in mindfulness while benefiting the body, but it is capable of doing so by making the practice exciting. 

What even is life without some excitement after all!

Different yoga trends have popped up in the last few years- some old fashioned, some novel, but absolutely beneficial.

Trends in Yoga

1.Aerial Yoga 

As the name suggests, this form of yoga allows an individual to float in the air. Yes, much like a bird. Aerial yoga supports the yogi by way of a hammock or a rope hung from a ceiling. 

This trapeze-artist inspired form of yoga is garnering popularity by the day and is highly recommended if one is looking to do something out of the box. Aerial yoga boats a wide range of benefits, including improving strength and balance of the body without compressing the vertebrae. It also helps meliorate body posture and adapt to different support systems. 

2.Chair Yoga

Don’t worry if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of being in the air. Here’s another type of yoga which you can practice while sitting in a chair, absolutely at ease. Chair yoga literally means practicing yoga on a chair. 

Are you a beginner? Just recovered from an illness? Or recovering from an injury? Want to take it slow? Then this form of yoga is just for you! 

Hardcore yogis or fitness enthusiasts may not favour this practice, but isn’t yoga more about mindfulness and tapping into the balance between mind and body? Chair yoga may not help you with physical flexibility, form or strength, but it sure will help you connect with your inner self. 

3.Yoga Wheels

Wheeling is certainly going to take you a long way! The yoga wheel practice is likely to reach every nook and cranny soon. In essence, this trend lets one perform yoga with the help of a plastic circle (or wheel). It primarily helps to deepen back-bends, improves stability and adds core workout to your fitness regime. Yoga wheels also help with forearm-stands.  

4.Chroma Yoga

Chroma yoga or Light Therapy yoga is a high tech practice created to help an individual get back in tune with their natural circadian rhythm. 

To put it in simple words, chroma yoga involves practicing asanas in a room lit by colored lights, with relaxing scents enveloping the air and calming music soothing the nerves. 

This form of yoga essentially regulates sleeping patterns and assists in reducing stress levels. 

And how does this work?

Chroma yoga tries to mimic a natural day. Practising yoga in blue light during daytime to boost energy, and in red light during night to induce unhindered sleep. 

1.Eco Yoga

A little green hurts nobody! What better way to feel fresh and energized while striking a balance between mind and body than practicing yoga in the lap of nature? 

Establishing one’s connection with nature and going back to basics is one of the best routines to follow. 

Spending time indoors, in front of a computer or television set can be draining and may leave oneself irritable, while something as small as taking a walk bare feet on green grass can greatly benefit one’s health. Studies have proven how exercising outdoors reduces stress, anxiety and enhances mood. 

Eco yoga asks an individual to do nothing more than just taking their yoga mat out in the open, to a local park or the backyard and practicing asanas in the open. 

Yoga as a career

Yoga is not restricted to only practicing. It can go on to become a great career option. With several people wanting to lead a better and healthy life, yoga has become a one-stop shop. Increasing lifestyle diseases and unwarranted stress has lead to the acceptance of yoga worldwide which in turn has given rise to several flourishing new career options pertaining to this ancient form of exercise.

After completing ones education, a student of yoga sciences can pursue a lucrative career as a research officer in yoga and naturopathy, can go on to become a yoga teacher/instructor or even a yoga therapist. Pursuing clinical psychology can also be a good career option. 

On the basis of the yoga training one receives, one can dive into the field of research, training or work as a therapist. 

A yoga instructor is also in demand in various other sectors, including health and fitness, leisure and luxury, education, among others. 

Yoga’s popularity isn’t confined to the boundaries of our country only. It is gaining ground among foreigners as well. This in turn adds to the demand of a yoga specialist. 

Market Size of Yoga in the Country 

Yoga, the ancient Indian discipline, has turned out to be a great source of income for many in the country. The craze of yoga is far reaching and it would only be fair to say that it is booming. 

According to global statistics, by 2020 in USA alone, the number of yoga practitioners is predicted to rise to 55 million people. 

Moreover, a study carried out in 2017 showed that over half of the 200 million yoga practitioners are of Indian origin. 

This staggering number alone indicates healthy forecast for the industry in the coming years. 

Benefits of Yoga   

Yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing rapidly, and why not? The wide spectrum of preventive capabilities that this discipline has is unlike any other. From treating hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, gastrointestinal afflictions, to depression and anxiety, Yoga takes care of varied health issues. 

Prevention of diseases, regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar and hormonal changes, and balancing bodily fluids is also taken care of if one practices yoga. Aiding weight loss, relieving joint pains, improving eyesight are some other benefits that one experiences on practicing the discipline. 

Challenges faced by the yoga industry

Each industry has some challenges, and the yoga industry is no different. Here are some of them:

1.Severe competition

With a boom in the industry also comes market saturation. Competing with other facilities or studios can be one of the biggest challenges that a yoga teacher or a yoga studio owner faces today.

2.Attracting new students

Converting prospects to customers is a challenge for any type of business, and the yoga industry is no different. 

3.Student Retention

Well now that you have them enrolled, how do you make sure that do not leave? This is another looming challenge that the industry faces. 

4.Doing hard business while preserving the integrity of yoga

Yoga sure has gone on to become a huge business for many, but preserving its integrity and preaching it while keeping adhering to its principles can be a task.

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