7 Effective Ways to Boost your Conversion Rate
7 Effective Ways to Boost your Conversion Rate
Are you suffering from low conversion rates? Are you willing to make the necessary amends to improve it? Have you been looking for tips and ways to improve your conversion rates? Well then, congratulation! you have reached the right place. This article brings to you the choicest list of the 7 most effective ways to boost your conversion rates. Scroll down to know more.

The primary focus of digital marketing is to increase conversion rates for achieving high sales volume. The average conversion rate of websites is mostly around 2 %, which is 2 customers for every 100 visitors, and this is considered as “good”. If your website is failing to achieve the 2 % target maybe it is time to crosscheck and make amends. Following is the list of the 7 most effective ways to boost your conversion rates. Digital marketing course by google

 7 Most Effective Ways to Boost your Conversion Rate


   1.  Add a Pop-up


       It instantly grabs the visitor’s attention.

       It is a great way of doing effective and customized advertising.

       Effective  advertising often leads to increased traffic.

       Pop-up can also be used for garnering feedback, which is again beneficial for the website in terms of traffic.

       Pop-ups add value to your website and help in gaining more subscribers.

       It is a proven way for increasing website traffic. Consider this, your pop-up ad shows up on the screen, and visitors click on it,  they get redirected to your website instantly. More clicks means more traffic and a greater rate of conversion.


   2. Cut the jargon



       Simple and clear conversions are the most persuasive ones.

       Remember your visitors may or may not be aware of umpteen jargon that you may like to flash or use.

       Thus it would be wise to use a language that is easy to understand and quick to comprehend.

       Keeping away from the fancy and complicated business language is also a fine practice to follow. It often does more harm than good, as visitors often find it unsolicited and confusing.

       Content filled with jargon and business vocabulary can lead to a negative user experience, hampering traffic and conversions.


   3. Affirm your authenticity and authority



       Visitors come to your site with a certain objective in mind. It may be to buy a product, do research, or for seeking a piece of advice. Make sure you come across as an authority or subject matter expert of whatever your site is promoting.

       Make it easy for them to verify your credentials. This can be achieved through description under “About us”, third-part support ( testimonials, citation, relevant links, and source material), and by having a gallery filled with photographs complimenting your claim.

       Once visitors are sure about your authenticity and authority they are more likely to move forward and engage with you.


     4.  Easy to Reach



       By making it easy for your visitors to reach you, you tend to come across as a confident and approachable person/people who stand by the information provided on the website. This helps in building trust and also seconds your authority and authenticity.

       To make it easy for your visitors to reach you. Provide clear and detailed contact information. Like, primary contact number, alternate contact number, website, email, Google map location, and address.

       Place it well on your website. It should be easily discoverable.

       It effectively impacts user experience positively, which in turn helps in enhancing the traffic and conversions.


     5.  Appear Professional



       People are quick at evaluating your website.

       Make sure you use the correct color palette, typography, images, and graphics to come across as a professional rather than an amateur.

       Make your site easy to use and navigate. While you may like to load it with information, your accolades, and accomplishments, remember it exists for the visitors. So instead of making it your wall of fame, keep it precise, relevant, and user-friendly.

       Make sure you update your site with relevant content regularly. Once the visitors know where they kind find the regular updates and information, they are more likely to keep coming back. It boosts the traffic and conversion too.


      6. Practice Restrain on Promotional Content



       Overdoing promotions can be a major turn-off.

       People often find the blinking banners, hype, screen blocks, etc annoying.

       It immediately dips their interest in your website and they are unlikely to return.

       Also while having sponsored content is a lucrative option, make sure to distinguish your content from the sponsored one, clearly.

       Remember that a mix-up of the content may lead to confusion and confusion leads to lower conversions.


7. Ease of Payment

             Complicated payment methods can be very daunting.

       Ensure that you have a streamlined, and clear payment mode in place.

       Make people feel at ease while doing business with you by having more than one mode of payment. Give them the freedom to choose.

       Always offer at least the top three payment methods of a particular market or country, it has the potential of increasing conversions by up to 30%.