Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas (Includes little bedroom decor ideas too!) >>>
Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas (Includes little bedroom decor ideas too!) >>>
Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas (Includes little bedroom decor ideas too!) >>>

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas (Includes little bedroom decor ideas too!) >>>

After you finish planning the basic design and furniture arrangement of your bedroom, you turn to the decorating portion and begin thinking about how to personalise your space. After all, the bedroom decoration should always reflect your style. However, from so many things to pick, it can be quite confusing which are the best master bedroom ideas that you can implement for your home. It can become especially challenging if you are looking for small bedroom decorating ideas as you have to be extra careful when picking out your small bedroom decor, lest it looks visually overwhelming. This is where we step in.

We believe this consolidated list will help you with your bedroom decor ideas to give you just the kind of space you want. Read till the end for a bonus piece on very small bedroom design ideas.


1: Count a Modish Rug as Your Bedroom Decoration

The best bedroom decor ideas are the ones that keep things stylish and functional. A rug is an easily available item that can give your feet comfort as well as add some character to your bedroom. This can also be another of those very small bedroom design ideas where rugs help enhance the appeal of your room without crowding it up. However, make sure you have taken measurements so that you do not end up buying a rug that will visually overwhelm the space.


#2: Choose Window Covers That Suit Your Aesthetic

Window covers give you quite a few options — blinds, shades, drapes etc. You can pick any kind of window cover keeping in mind aesthetics, height and functionality. The functionality depends on how much sunlight you want in your bedroom. Height is also important to consider; when it comes to small bedroom wall design, we advise you to go for longer curtains to build the illusion of height.


#3: Account for Paint/Wallpaper in Bedroom Decor Ideas

Master bedroom ideas aren’t complete without playing around with colours. There are quite a few trendy hues to pick from. If you don’t want to go with too much colour, you can always opt to go with wall trims or carvings to create an accent wall. This bedroom, for example, flaunts a mid-century modern look with a mint green wall and wall trims.


#4: Use Aesthetic Lighting as Small Bedroom Decor

A properly lit room is the trademark of a well-designed space. However, lighting sources can also count as bedroom decor ideas. There are a lot of options for trendy lighting available in the market. You just need to pick one to solve your purpose. For example, if you want to brighten up dark corners, like in the Liv space home above, bring in stylish lamps and they’ll do the job just right. If you are looking for very small bedroom design ideas, getting wall-mounted lights is a better bet as they will free up floor space.


#5: Utilise Mirrors as Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When looking for ideas for small bedroom decor, consider using mirrors as part of your bedroom decoration. Mirrors elevate the room visually and their reflective quality brightens the room. They can even create the illusion of space within the room. If you cannot find enough room on a wall for a mirror, make sure you get a mirror wardrobe.


#6: Create a Chic Wall as Bedroom Decoration

The quickest way to personalise your bedroom is to decorate a wall with works by your favourite artists. You can choose to go with a statement piece or hang several artworks.  But make sure you pay attention to the frame size and placement, as it can make or break your wall design.


#7: Introduce Plants as Part of Your Master Bedroom Ideas

With sustainable homes back in the bedroom interior design scene, a lot of homeowners are re-discovering indoor plants. This is a good way to bring in some fresh air inside your home as well as to break the colour monotony. Plants are a cheap alternative to expensive art or statement pieces and can easily make for attractive and vibrant small bedroom decor.

#8: Lounge in the Cosy Corner of Your Bedroom

If you have extra space in your bedroom, consider adding a cosy corner to make the space feel more inviting. You can also cosy up this bedroom decoration with soft cushions, plushies and a coffee table.


#9: Soothe the Reader in You with a Personal Library

For bookworms like us, having a personal bookshelf sounds heavenly! Thus, consider bringing in shelves and using it to proudly display your literary collection. What do you do when you don’t have enough space? Consider getting a hanging shelf and make use of vertical space as your small bedroom decor.


#10: Upscale Storage for Bedroom Decoration

Are you worried that bedroom decoration is not possible in a limited space? Let multipurpose furniture save the day for you. At Liv space, we are well versed with delivering home furniture that looks aesthetic, gives you ample storage and still stands the test of time. The best part about this is that custom-made multipurpose furniture can be made to fit the room aesthetic and very well act as bedroom decor too.

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