Why You Should Love Outbound Marketing
Why You Should Love Outbound Marketing
Outbound marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products or services. In our latest blog we reveal why you should love outbound marketing.

There are numerous reasons why you should love outbound marketing. This is February after all, the month of love. Despite for years, inbound marketing being the leader in the marketing relm, outbound marketing is now more relevant than ever before and making its comeback in 2020! Outbound marketing has distinguished itself as an effective omnichannel marketing approach with services like appointment setting, lead nurturing, event success, customer success, and telemarketing. 

Many business owners have learnt that inbound marketing is not as effective as what internet marketers would lead you to believe. 

Lusting for attention

For one thing, due to the enormous bulk of content lauding the myriad benefits of internet marketing coupled with the low barrier to entry, businesses of all shapes and sizes have now taken to the internet to promote themselves. The result is that you now have well over a billion websites and business social media profiles all of which are vying for attention. Calculating your odds of getting heard above the clamor of seemingly countless sponsored ads is an intimidating and daunting thought, to say the least. 

Under such conditions, it is not realistic to expect that your prospects will ignore and bypass innumerable competing websites & social media profiles to reach out to you. It is hardly reasonable to expect that your profiles will be visible in the tremendously vast ocean of hundreds of millions of websites and social media profiles. 

Many unfortunate business owners have reached this conclusion to their dismay after it dawned upon them that their business is now anonymous in the unforgiving and ruthlessly competitive environment of the internet. 

Falling back in love 

Businesses now realize that they need a more proactive and direct approach to reach out to their prospects. They know that it doesn’t pay to expect prospects to come to you – this is nothing more than wishful thinking that will get you nowhere. It is far better to take the initiative and engage your prospects directly. There is no other viable option besides this approach given the cut-throat competition that you now face on every front. 

outbounding marketing is the solution that business owners have been looking for. Before the advent of the internet, there was hardly any other way to market your business. 

Less Competition in the Outbound Marketing world

Under the present circumstances, outbound marketing may prove even more lucrative since most businesses are making an all-out effort to achieve their marketing goals through inbound marketing. This leaves the way open for those who are smart and savvy enough to realize the advantages of outbound marketing. Since there is less competition now in the realm of outbound marketing, you can expect to make more gains on this front with your marketing budget. You stand better odds here than the oversaturated inbound market.

There are also many other exclusive benefits that you can realize with outbound marketing. You will not find these benefits in inbound marketing. 

Make the first move

For instance, with outbound marketing, you can reach out to prospects who are hesitating to contact you for one reason or another. Several misconceptions and misunderstandings prevent prospects from reaching out to businesses on their own. With outbound marketing methods, you can reach out to them directly and resolve their doubts, misunderstandings, and misconceptions. Once these hindrances are out of the way there is a much better and very real chance that they will engage with your business and avail your products or services. This is the key premise of lead nurturing – a vital component of outbound marketing. 

You cannot expect such benefits from inbound marketing since such methods rely on the prospect approaching your business which is unrealistic. Since their doubts about your products and services prevent them from reaching out to you, they will not approach you. Their doubts will remain unresolved and they will continue to refrain from contacting you. The ironic part is that you will be waiting for them to arrive at your doorstep – something which is unlikely to ever happen due to their lingering doubts.

Get Personal (but not too personal)

Outbound marketing methods also allow your business to make direct and personal contact with customers. This is once again something that you cannot do with inbound internet marketing.  

Through outbound methods like event success and telemarketing, your sales team can engage your prospects through meaningful conversation and social interaction. Such interaction has a deep impact since people attach far greater importance to the social factor and find it far more appealing than impersonal methods like content and articles. You can create a far greater impact on your prospects by conversing with them than having them read something. The element of human interaction has always been imperative and will continue to assume great importance even in the future. 

People love people not robots

Human interaction also extends further benefits that cannot be found with other marketing methods. Your marketing professionals can intelligently engage your prospective clients and tailor the conversation to revolve around their specific interests and scenario. This is something that you cannot achieve with social media messages, and PPC  – here you have no recourse other than a one-size-fits-all approach. Such an approach will not give you great results. 

A personalized approach, on the other hand, is much better. By focusing on their specific interests and situation you can demonstrate your sincerity. The person at the other end will become more cooperative after getting the impression that you are earnest about resolving their specific problems and fulfilling their specific needs rather than just pushing your products. The prospect will become more interested in your business after learning that your business has the answer to their unique circumstances. 

Taking the first step

Outbound methods are also highly targeted and are therefore more likely to yield valuable leads. For instance, event success will have your business engage with prospects that already have an interest in your product or service. There is a greater chance then that you will be able to turn event participants into valuable long term customers since they are interested enough to engage with you. Even with the telemarketing channel, staff will call up prospects who are interested in your products. Marketing professionals now carry out due diligence and research beforehand to uncover interested persons. Gone are the days of cold calling where people are called at random, most of whom were not even remotely interested in the product. Modern outbound telemarketing is now performed differently with a powerful emphasis on research to reveal interested persons who are most likely to buy your product or service. Such persons are far more likely to react favorably when you reach out to them via the phone.  

There are many more benefits that you can accrue through outbound marketing. To understand these benefits and even more why you should love outbound marketing you will have to understand the various methods since outbound marketing is a powerful multi-channel technique.

Appointment Setting

In an appointment setting call, marketers converse the prospect to set up an appointment with your sales team. This is most often done towards the end of the sales call after the lead has been qualified or after the prospect has engaged with you at an event. 

Appointment setting with Gen Leads can give you several advantages. Your business can save time since your staff can now focus on closing sales and confirming the deal instead of taking clients through the entire sales journey – this is something that our appointment setting agents will handle. 

Outsourcing your appointment setting needs is an affordable and cost-effective way of expanding your sales force. Since you don’t pay full-time salaries or have the need to expand your office space, utilising a service such as the Gen Leads appointment setting service is a very cost-effective option.

Customer Success

Customer success can prove to be a very effective way of marketing your products since it can help your clients to realize full value from your products and services. Customer success agents guide your clients through product use for a memorable user experience. 

Gen Leads customer success team help guide your customers, to ensure they gain the impression that you are genuinely interested in helping them & to get the full value from your products & services rather than just selling to them. What’s more, such an approach can induce them to try out more of your products and services since they will expect the same positive experience coupled with benefits. 

After gaining full value from your products and appreciating your customer success service, your clients may even become an unpaid extension of your sales team and may promote your business through highly positive word of mouth. 

Event Success

Events can help you to build brand recognition since your business will feature prominently as a key sponsor or the sole entity conducting their events. 

Orchestrating meaningful, engaging and stimulating events is a great way of marketing your business. Through event success services such as the ones offered by Gen Leads you are able to contact valuable, prospects who are ripe for engagement. People participating in your event are likely to respond positively since they have demonstrated their interest in your products and services. 

For event success, you do not need to conduct and orchestrate the event itself.  Even events like trade shows, expos, live business events, and exhibitions are wonderful venues for finding a sea of valuable prospects. 

Such events make for fine events to flaunt your achievements, core values and the efficacy of your products and services. By having an event follow up strategy in place, you can build on the relationship which was instigated at the event and turn the lead into loving customers of your business. 

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process whereby your sales team develops and nurtures the relationship between the prospect and your business until the prospect is ready to purchase from you. This is a lead generation strategy that experts like Gen Leads can manage whilst your sales team focus on client on boarding prospects that are transitioning from prospect to customer.

Lead nurturing is the process whereby your sales team develops and nurtures the relationship between the prospect and your business until the prospect is ready to purchase from you. This is a lead generation strategy that experts like Gen Leads can manage whilst your sales team focus on client on boarding prospects that are transitioning from prospect to customer.

In lead nurturing, it is important to realize that no two clients will ever be alike and there will be stark differences between them. By realizing this important facet, you can respond to clients according to their unique circumstances and wants, to gain a far more positive response. You are far more likely to gain a positive response through this personalized and thoughtful approach than by treating your customers all in the same way. 

Lead nurturing is highly effective & since lead nurturing is all about human to human interaction it can help build the customer relationship foundations for sales to come. 

Let me love you

Yes it is true there are many marketing options now available to businesses in both the inbound and outbound realms. With platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram becoming the preferred options in the inbound marketing world it is easy to fall into the world of competing for the top ad position on Google or the most views & clicks on your sponsored ad. But what many forget is that outbound marketing brings something to your prospects that inbound marketing doesn’t – human to human interaction. It lets your prospects know that you are real and it also helps builds relationships that can’t be built digitally. 

In a Nutshell

There are so many tantalizing possibilities when it comes to outbound marketing. However, no matter what mix of outbound marketing channels you choose for your business, you must realize that it takes plenty of expertise and years of practice to perfect. This is why you need to work with a team of experts such as Gen Leads when it comes to outbound marketing. 

What’s more is that by outsourcing your outbound marketing plans, you will have more staff members, time, money, and energy at your disposal to direct your efforts towards core business activities.

Outbound marketing is a time-intensive task that requires plenty of proficiency if you want to give your business the edge that it deserves over others. If you need an effective marketing plan for your organization, give us a call today.

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