What Are Dental Braces? How They Work
What Are Dental Braces? How They Work
Braces nz are used for fixing and reshaping teeth. Also, the braces control and direct teeth movement. Read on to know how the braces work and alter your smile.

What Are Dental Braces? How They Work



Dental braces nz are elements used for the alignment and straightening of crooked teeth. It is also handy in case of a misaligned jaw called malocclusion. Braces are mostly used during the teenage. The number of getting corrective dental braces in adult age is also growing. They are made of metal or ceramic, wires and bonding material that glue them to your teeth. 


The success of braces depends on when the treatment initiates and the treatment goals. The result of wearing braces solely depends on the person and his ability to follow his orthodontist's instructions meticulously. 


How do braces control teeth movement?


Braces nz exert continuous pressure on teeth and jaws to help align their position and alter your smile. The braces glued to the teeth keep the archwire in place, pressuring the teeth. All the pressure exerted by braces moves the teeth into the desired position. Your teeth and bone are surrounded by soft tissue called periodontal ligaments. These ligaments keep your teeth in place and enable a flexible movement of the teeth during the bracing. The ligament on the right gets compressed when the braces move a tooth to the right. The formation of new bone takes place to fill the gap.


Here are the functions of the brace’s parts that help set the misaligned teeth in the best position.


Bracket adhesion


The dry, ceramic or stainless steel brackets are deployed to your clean and dry teeth using glue. You might feel uncomfortable, yet it is not a painful process. The brackets ensure that sufficient pressure is applied to the teeth. These brackets are joined using wires.


O rings

the o rings called elastic bands are installed around the brackets. They add further pressure on your jaw. They are generally used in most brace treatments.




The orthodontist place spacers between your molars. These spaces are made of rubber bands or metal rings. Spacer help push your jaw ahead by giving space at th back of your mouth. Spacers make room for braces nz in case of tightening at the back of your mouth. Spacers help brace fit properly. Bracers are provided temporarily.




The brackets are connected to your teeth through archwires. This mechanism directs the exerted pressure on teeth to move into place.




The springs are placed over the archwires. They place pressure on the teeth. They press the teeth apart and create space.

What gets fixed by braces?



The first phase of treatment is to move your teeth so that they can be placed side by side. The movement of teeth takes place laterally and across the side to make the edge of teeth linear.


Bite issue


Then comes the adjustment of the braces to correct any bite problems such as underbite, overbite or crossbite. Patients with more gaps between their teeth will also be filled in this stage.




The completion of fine-tuning and cleaning up of teeth takes place during the final stage of treatment. It will ensure that the teeth are placed in the best position before removing braces.


Bracesnz exerts pressure on your jaws to alter the way you smile. Having aligned teeth and straight jaws is important for your appearance and overall health. Braces take time to give the desired result, and the treatment also varies from person to person. The braces cost nz also changes according to the patient’s teeth condition.  Consult your orthodontist for having braces. 

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