Practical ways to handle impacted wisdom teeth
Practical ways to handle impacted wisdom teeth
If you're having difficulty deciding if you want to remove your wisdom teeth removal wellington before issues arise — or are currently suffering because of them— This guide is for you.

The experienced dentists of wisdom teeth removal wellington help patients to get relief from mouth pain that impacted wisdom teeth may cause. Suppose you have concerns over whether one of your wisdom teeth has come in improperly. In that case, it's best to schedule an appointment with a dentist so that you can get professional assistance with wisdom tooth removal before symptoms like infection occur. You can also consult them for a Dental Filling cost Nz.

The life cycle of a wisdom tooth

The term "wisdom tooth" refers to our third molars, the adult teeth that emerge in our late teens or early 20s and are typically located in the back of our mouths. They're also known as "third molars," They're usually the last four adult teeth to come through the gums. Wisdom teeth and their associated tissue often have difficulty making room for themselves when forced upwards among existing teeth. Hence, it's no surprise that if a person's mouth isn't large enough to bestow wisdom teeth with sufficient space comfortably, they may encounter problems during the eruption phase (it's no surprise that impacted wisdom teeth are one of the most common reasons people go through orthodontic procedures).

Impacted teeth are a common occurrence. Impacted wisdom teeth can sometimes create problems within an individual's mouth, but only if they do not have the proper support and adequate room to grow. If this is the case, an individual's wisdom tooth may have been impacted. An impacted tooth will require either oral surgery or special removal tools to become visible once more. Impacted teeth that are developing properly and in the right direction will still be able to continue growing through their cycle naturally when provided with enough space and favorable conditions for growth, such as adequate nutrition and moisture from saliva.


In some cases, an X-ray can show a tooth's roots protruding out of the jawbone. The tooth might appear to be sticking up in your gums or lying flat on its side below other teeth. This is helpful information to know since it could indicate that the tooth needs extraction. Instead of fishing around in the dark and attempting more invasive procedures with more temporary solutions, you can remove the offending tooth(s) in one fell swoop and figure out a permanent solution for them later.


What to expect from wisdom tooth surgery


A dentist usually removes wisdom teeth. Local anesthesia is sometimes used, which means the area surrounding the impacted wisdom tooth will be numbed with a liquid. If removal requires heavy-duty detachable instruments, general anesthesia may be used. General anesthesia means going under full control of anesthetics at a medical facility, and other techniques are commonly used to provide pain relief during this type of surgery.


Once the patient is sedated, dentists will make a small opening along the gumline. The incision size depends on a few factors: if your wisdom tooth has come through yet or not and whether or not they have to remove some gum tissue. If you're lucky, you might not even need to have some bone removed by the dentist simply down to the size of your wisdom teeth.


Planning for life after surgery

If all four wisdom teeth become infected and therefore need to be removed simultaneously, one will undoubtedly be in a great deal of pain. The best way to relieve this pain is by eating colder foods such as ice cream or yogurt. However, we must warn you that most people are required to only eat soft foods during the first week following surgery. Ice is also good for numbing the pain if applied directly to your gums.


At Gentle Dental, we know no two cases of impacted wisdom teeth removal wellington. We know to give each careful consideration of Dental Filling Cost Nz. Ours is a modern dental office with a state-of-the-art practice that can make this process as easy as possible. Contact the dental experts at Gentle Dental to learn more.  

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