Does Metlife Cover Invisalign?
Does Metlife Cover Invisalign?
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Metlife dental is a major insurance company in the US and covers invisible braces and other dental orthodontic treatments. In this article, you will learn about MetLife dental cover and how it helps you protect yourself from hazardous bills. It includes Invisalign treatment if orthodontic benefits are included in your insurance plan.


Before signing dental insurance, you should check your contract and all its benefits as long as it says you will have coverage for Invisalign and other dental treatments.


The insurance contract has a couple of clauses because it may deny your Invisalign treatment coverage.

Network status of your dentist or orthodontist


Metlife dental insurance can provide full coverage for dentists regardless of the status of your dentist. Whether your dentist is out of or in the network does not matter; you will give full range when you see Miami childrens dentist.


The only exception to this rule is it states that “in-network only.” If you have that clause, you should see Miami children's dentist within the network with them because an out-of-network will become the reason for denying the claim.

What is the cost of Invisalign treatment?

Various factors contribute to the amount of orthodontic work, like Invisalign. Including:


  • Your oral health and how much work your do
  • Location and average prices of your city
  • The dentist’s time for labor
  • How much your insurance plan helps cover


According to a reliable source, the treatment costs of Invisalign maybe $3,000-$7000. For comparison, traditional braces may cost you $2,000-$6000.

Coverage for other types of aligners?

Metlife dental typically does not make a difference between types of invisible aligners, so when they cover Invisalign, they cover all the types of aligners. A list of some of the famous clean aligner systems you use in your state.

Coverage for braces?

Metlife also covers conventional braces because of pre-determination claims and receive back, specifically braces and Invisalign.


The pre-approved orthodontic treatment without mentioning what type of ortho The pre-approvals only say "approved for orthodontic treatment" without mentioning what type. Therefore the short answer is yes, braces are a covered treatment along with all aligners.

The average cost of orthodontics before an insurance

The average cost of Invisalign runs between $4000-$8000, but it may depend on the price where your life or your locality. If you go to a dentist in your neighborhood, it would be lower, between $4000-$6000. Or if you see a dentist with a higher cost of living area, obviously it will be higher end.


These are the fees without dental insurance coverage, so that is what to expect to pay. However, if you do have insurance, it may bring down the cost significantly.


If you are looking for a dental appliance, you should look at the cost of treatment which may cause you to lose confidence. Therefore you should consider having MetLife Miami insurance to get the best dental treatment without worrying about the cost of the procedure.

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