Different kinds of braces
Different kinds of braces
You can book your appointment with Ladera Orthodontics if you are deciding to wear braces in San Juan Capistrano.

Why do you need braces?

Braces are used when you have crooked or misaligned teeth or jaw. These braces are put on the teeth to straighten them and bring back the facial aesthetics. If you have crooked teeth from birth, then braces are referred to during the teenage years. But adults can also get corrective braces these days. You can contact an orthodontics clinic for Braces in San Juan Capistrano.

What are the different kinds of Braces in San Juan Capistrano?

Orthodontic treatment has changed over the years. There has been advanced technology and new inventions for better treatment. The braces that are used today differ a great deal from the ones that were used years ago.

Here are the kinds of braces that are used in recent years:

Clear braces: these braces are made from clear ceramic material, for which they are not noticeable when you wear them. These are comfortable in the teeth and easy to use. But it gets food stains easily, so, you need to be careful while using them. These are comparatively pricier than other braces.

Metal braces: these are traditional braces and have brackets to hold the teeth while straightening them. Used for many years, these braces are also available in colors. Metal braces are affordable braces.

Lingual braces: lingual braces are also metal braces except they are placed on the back portion of the teeth, making them almost invisible. These are not user-friendly braces and hence are not a good option.

Self-ligating braces: these braces have an in-built clip system within them and the brackets hold the arch wire in its place. These braces need less time to position your teeth compared to other ones and are also easy to wear.

Invisalign braces: these are clear plastic aligners and the most user-friendly ones. You can remove and put them on according to your need. Invisalign braces are costly.

The orthodontic clinics have all these kinds of braces in San Juan Capistrano. But you need to consult with an orthodontist before you decide this for yourself.

Do you need a diet after wearing braces?

All kinds of metal braces cannot be removed at your convenience. So, there are some dietary restrictions while wearing the braces:

  • You need to avoid chewy or crunchy food like chewing gum or hard chips or popcorn.

  • Sticky foods are also a strict no.

  • Food that needs a hard bite is better to avoid.

  • Any kind of liquid like cold drinks, or juice is allowed.

You can book your appointment with Ladera Orthodontics if you are deciding to wear braces in San Juan Capistrano. They will ensure that you get the best treatment for all your dental problems and bring back your beautiful smile.

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