Things You Should Know About Digitization Of Drawings
Things You Should Know About Digitization Of Drawings
The digitization of drawings allows engineers and architects to update the existing drawings for reconstruction or renovation of the structure.

Things You Should Know About Digitization Of Drawings

In today's world, every task or process is becoming digital, and artists are finding new mediums or formats to make their design digitised. Initially, architects and engineers worked on hand-drawn drawings to convert their drafts into actual structures. However, this era is for the digitization of drawings, where designs and drafts for any complex architecture are developed faster and easier. Many CAD drafting companies out there offer. Hence, this post speaks about the things you should know about the digitization of drawings.


There are three formats where the designs or drafts should be converted into digitization.

Sketches To Digital:


The foremost format is from sketches or manuals to digitization. The hand drawings and sketches can be converted into digital as the architects and engineers store these files in the 2D graphic software. Hence, these files are either in JPEG, JPG, or less commonly imaginary formats. Thus, these drawings can be easily converted into the desired format. 


After converting into the required format, the results obtained will be either in DWG, DGN or DXF type. Finally, these formats can be stored in various compatible CAD software. The 3D modeling company services offer quite good digitization for the given drafts with more precision.


Most architects and engineers have scans or soft copies of old drawings, which are nearly impossible to work on. So these situations occur when the firm or an individual works on reconstructing or renovating old buildings. Hence, the best way to find the blueprint of the structure out of a smeared draft is to scan and make them digitally available. However, these digital forms also seem to be blurry and unclear.


To overcome this issue, many drafting companies offer excellent structural drafting services where they convert these unclear images to clear with the help of CAD formats. 

2D To 3D:

Many design and drafting services offer programs suitable for 2D and 3D structures. For instance, several 2D and 3D programs offer pretty good features like BIM services for greater efficiency in the digitization of drawings.


Hence, these are the essential things you should know about the digitization of drawings.