Superior Elongation in TMT bars
Superior Elongation in TMT bars
550 Grade is recognized as one of the premium quality TMT bars in India. Learning these main features and benefits of 500 TMT bars may help find the most suitable bars for any form of structure.

Building a home is a dream of many but can be fulfilled by only a few so Isteel understands the emotions and provides you with the best TMT bars that we swear by. From superior elongation in TMT bars to making it freshly available for a more aesthetic finish we take care of everything. We are not embarking on a journey towards making houses but on a journey towards building a home.

TMT bar grade Fe 550D in TMT bar grade Fe 550D, Fe means made of iron, mathematical figure 550 represents their base yield strength in N/mm2 and D represents higher bar flexibility. This level of TMT bar is best appropriate for huge scope modern development projects. It is best reasonable for use in tremor-inclined regions. Structures or designs that require 550D TMT steel bars that are those that bear weighty burdens. Dams,fly-overs, high rises, air terminals, modern designs, wind-plants, ports, emergency clinics, burrows, shopping centers, multiplexes, and other burden-bearing designs fall into this classification and are assembled utilizing 550D TMT steel bars.

iSTEEL XLS produces one of the Best TMT bars in Chennai, having a cutting-edge processing plant to deliver very good quality TMT bars or poles, according to the business guidelines. These quality items are differently utilized for the development of dams, spans, towers, schools, emergency clinics, distribution centers, and so on that are equipped for enduring high burdens. The TMT bars are fire and seismic shock safe and can be welded effectively at the building locales.

The TMT bars should be able to resist rust in any circumstance because if a TMT bar gets rust, then it might bring cracks in the house and that’s the last thing anyone wants while they are building a home. In India, the temperature is usually high and if the TMT bars are kept open for a long time there is a high probability that they will rust. So it’s extremely crucial to make sure your TMT bars are corrosion resistant.