Super strong tmt bars in tamilnadu
Super strong tmt bars in tamilnadu
Kiscol Turbo Steel is on the leading edge of technology with one of the latest steel conversion plants in the country, capable of handling the highest standard of requirements of the ever-demanding clientele.

KISCOL TMT Bars provide very high strengths with comparatively higher Elongation Values along with better Ductility as compared to other Rebars. Better Weld-ability of TMT Bars helps in making high-strength connections with other sections with little overlap. For Earthquake Resistance, structures need to be provided with balanced Stiffness, Strength & Ductility between their members, connections & supports.

Tamil Nadu is home to several brands that manufacture TMT bars. However, only a few brands manufacture TMT steel rebars in all sizes ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm using high-quality raw materials. Kiscol TMT is a TMT bar manufacturer that produces a TMT steel bar that is highly ductile, possesses a high tensile strength of 550 D quality, and is fire & earthquake resistant. Additionally, these TMT bars assure a saving of 4% to 6% on the overall TMT usage.

Pricing may often come as a point of concern because the best quality TMT bars don’t often come cost-effective as well. Well, unless the TMT bar manufacturers are Kiscol TMT bars they are not only the best in the business but are also cost-effective and match price to value to the point. This enables the engineers even further as they design the roadmap to building their dream house, hence eliminating the two major points of focus that a person might have while choosing a TMT bar for their construction.