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Qualified Builders in Oxford
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A builder’s guide to removing internal walls

In the industry, builders refer to removing internal walls as a ‘knock-through’ job, and often, they can make a significant difference to the look, function and outlay of homes in Oxford and Abingdon. This article will explore how a builder approaches removing internal walls and how long it can take.

Is planning permission required?

In short, no. You’ll only require planning permission to remove internal walls if it’s a listed building. You will, however, require a structural engineer to assess how the load will be supported if the wall is load bearing, and Building Control will need to sign off the job.

Pinpointing load-bearing walls

Locating load-bearing walls in your Oxford or Abingdon property is critical to avoid disaster when removing internal walls. Not all solid walls are load-bearing; occasionally, stud walls can be. Again, it’s best to use a structural engineer who can locate all load-bearing walls and advise how the structural load can be supported if an interior wall is removed.

Ensure your quotes include:

  • The cost of the builder relocating any electrical sockets, radiators, light switches or any other fittings.
  • The price for plastering the walls once the ‘knock-through’ is complete.
  • Any floor levelling work that is required to ensure a quality finish.

How long will the process take?

Typically, a professional and competent builder can remove a load-bearing wall and install a new joist in around two days. The plastering and floor levelling take a similar amount of time. Therefore within a working week, your new interior space will be ready for decoration. Contact us if you own a house in Oxford or Abingdon and want a free, no-obligation quote for interior wall removal.