How MEP Consultant Can Help you in different Ways?
How MEP Consultant Can Help you in different Ways?
TechnoStruct offers comprehensive mechanical engineering solutions and BIM design services in California ranging from analysis, design, development to support during constuction.


When it comes to MEP, or mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, these three technical disciplines encompass all the systems that allow building interiors to be suitable for human use and occupancy. MEP systems convert an empty room or a building into a liveable and comfortable space. It Doesn’t matter if it is  50 storeyed building or an abandoned warehouse,  MEP Consultant in Bay area ensures that they are providing simple and relevant solutions to their clients.

Due to their high degree of interaction and discussions, MEP installations are often addressed together; this further avoids conflicts in equipment location, which is a common issue when MEP systems are designed in isolation. As a result of this, modern engineering MEP Consultant in San Francisco Bay area use software to speed up the design process. Simple and repetitive tasks are automated in the computer which further allows MEP design engineers to focus their attention somewhere else.

Having a firm handle all three MEP components simplifies the project, providing expertise that can reduce overhead and use resources more efficiently. MEP experts handle all three simultaneously in a synchronized, seamless manner, rather than dealing with time-consuming responsibilities independently.

Let’s have a look at these three disciples to view them in the context of lab design to see how they’re factored further in the project plan.

Mechanical Engineering

There are several types of mechanical systems that are used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. These three types account for a lot of mechanical design work in commercial constructions, they are as follows:

        Space heating

        Air conditioning

        Mechanical ventilation


All these systems interact with each other and maintain the temperature and humidity within the given range that becomes comfortable for inhabitants. Good and mechanical ventilation ensures that fresh air is circulated to keep pollutant concentrations at low and safer levels. When it comes to the equipment capacity, these mechanical installations should operate at the optimum level. There is a mistaken belief that over-engineering is a good aspect. Over-engineering increases your cost and dependability, oversized boilers and chillers tend to cycle rapidly which further fluctuates the room temperature and wears down equipment at a faster pace.

Electrical Engineering

In a multistoried and high-rise building, one of the major challenges in electrical design is setting out the optimal routes for conduit and wiring. With that, these become more flexible compared to mechanical systems as the electrical circuits require less space and can be routed around obstacles in an easy manner. Moreover, MEP design software can become useful in this that further allows conduit and wiring to be laid out with the minimum circuit lengths, further avoiding location conflicts with mechanical and plumbing installations.

Plumbing Engineering

Similarly, plumbing requires laying out complex piping routes, which is further aided by MEP Consultant in Bay area. Since plumbing installation interacts with both mechanical and electrical systems at several points, it underpins how important it becomes to collaborate with the design teams on certain levels.




Nearly always, MEP services are required when the three fields of MEP overlap in their design and implementation. Increasingly popular is building automation, which incorporates all aspects of MEP engineering, allowing centralized hardware and software control of HVAC, security, fire alarms, and indoor and outdoor lighting, among other things. An MEP Consultant in San Francisco Bay area helps reduce delays, confusion, revisions, and redrafting early in the construction process. TechnoStruct is an emerging name in the Design & Construction technology space, providing localized Engineering and BIM/VDC services to players across the Construction spectrum.