Hawaii Coffee: Pivotal Things You Need to Know
Hawaii Coffee: Pivotal Things You Need to Know
Hawaii is the only state in North America that claims to provide the most favorable condition to grow quality coffee, Kona.

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Do you know, despite its small size, Hawaii is the world-famous state for special Kona coffee? Have you ever tried an authentic cup of 100% Kona coffee? If not, here are many things you need to know about Hawaii coffee.

Kona is a popular variant of coffee that is overrated for its earthy taste. The demand for coffee is drastically increasing, and it's absolutely the reason that makes you search "where to buy Kona coffee." Read the article and know the following!

What is Kona coffee?

Hawaii is the only state in North America that claims to provide the most favorable condition to grow quality coffee, Kona. Kona coffee grows on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, the largest and most active volcanoes on the planet. The climate, temperature, volcanic soil, and an intrinsic process make the place perfect for cultivating the most expensive coffee, Kona.

Kona coffee is so special for coffee lovers as it features a mild and nuanced flavor that's enough to make your mood good. The prime factors that categorize Kona coffee in the special category are the cultivation location, history, process, and authentic taste.

A brief history of Kona coffee

The Kona coffee was not originally cultivated in Hawaii, but how did the place get acclamation across the world for cultivating the finest coffee? There's a deep history behind it. Horticulturist Don Francisco de Paula Marin was the first person who brought Kona coffee beans to Hawaii in 1817. After that, Samuel Ruggles was the person who successfully cultivated the special coffee beans on Big Island in 1828. It spread the Kona coffee beans production in many areas of the place.

World War II played a great role in introducing Kona coffee at the international level. It was when the production of Kona coffee resumed and had a high demand in the market. The period from 1993-1996 was a boom for Kona coffee cultivators. Michael Norton used to supply the special coffee at cheap rates, which drastically raised its demand, but it was not 100% Kona coffee. This misleading advertising of the product introduced a new policy related to Konma coffee supply in which the suppliers need a certification from the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture to prove their authenticity of the quality products.

Why is Kona coffee so special?

Kona coffee is a fine variant that differs from the other coffee variants in terms of price, taste, and more. The coffee is regarded as a special coffee worldwide because of various reasons that are listed below:

● Location

Kona coffee beans are grown in the Kona Coffee Belt in Hawaii. The place is well-known for its active and largest volcanoes. It's located on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South districts. The volcanic soil is enriched with high nutrients and minerals that favor a healthy environment for growing coffee plants.

● Cultivation process

The cultivation process of pure Kona beans is labor-intrinsic and traditional. In Hawaii, Kona farmers still use traditional hand-picking, roasting, and packing methods. The process is completely unique and authentic.

● Low supply and high demand

Kona coffee cultivation area is very small, and it's the reason that the demand of the market is not fulfilled. The demand for Kona coffee is rising day by day, but the supply chain is weak. It's also the reason that Kona coffee is expensive.

Summing Up

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