idealo is the best price comparison site
idealo is the best price comparison site
Idealo lists a wide variety of items, including deep-fat fryers, E-Scooters, trainers, garden equipment, and airline tickets and prices.

Idealo lists a wide variety of items, including deep-fat fryers, E-Scooters, trainers, garden equipment, and airline tickets and prices. It's a terrific website to use to compare pricing on almost anything you can imagine.

Shoppers can explore items, trends, and social media tactics in the helpful and engaging magazine area, among many other topics. This sector is also worth keeping an eye on for inspiration as a seller and a buyer, as well as testing the waters to see what the newest trends are.

Advertising your products on Idealo, which receives thousands of visitors each day, might result in an increase of 42 percent in the number of orders placed on your website.

Idealo is a comparative online store that was established in Germany in 2000. After comparing prices for a variety of goods from various stores, visitors are sent to the relevant website and product page to complete a purchase.


The truth for you

It's vital to us that you constantly feel good about your purchases. Their goal is to help you find clarity among the number of online possibilities. They aim to give you the tools you need to identify your true needs and choose the products that are best for you. Their main goal is to make shopping easier for you. They don't need to sell you anything, and our warehouse doesn't need to be cleaned out.


As a result, Idealo always offers you unbiased advice. In addition, they receive a small charge for their services from the businesses listed with them. You are not required to pay anything to utilize Idealo. That is still the situation and always will be.

Countless opportunities

You have a thorough understanding of the market thanks to Idealo's pricing comparison, which includes over 350 million offers from over 50,000 dealers. Whatever you're looking for, they most certainly have it. at the lowest cost. You can find your unique deal with the help of extensive filtering and sorting features.


You may make an informed buying selection with the aid of test results, user reviews, and their guidance texts. Shopping cheaply is simple and convenient thanks to notepads, price alarm clocks, and Idealo Direct Purchase. You choose what and from whom you wish to purchase. Idealo app can be used on the go.

No-fuss shopping

Idealo research the retailer before posting offers online. This implies that only the dealers who have signed a contract with us are included in their price search engine, not all of the dealers in Germany. Therefore, you are free from concern over issues like delivery and availability. This is what Idealo does, and the pricing comparison shows you everything succinctly. 


To contact us, please send an email to if you still have questions. And if something goes wrong, they will undoubtedly come up with a fix. From Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., they are personally available to you.

Idealo is exceptional

Idealo excels at what it does and frequently receives recognition for its dependability and customer service. Additionally, TÜV Saarland was the very first price comparison business to bestow upon us the seal of an "authorized comparison portal" for their commitment to quality, relevance, transparency, and data protection (06/2022). The TÜV's certification of labor as a comparison shopping makes us very happy. That just doesn't alter the fact that over 800 staff members work daily to make your shopping simple, worry-free, and secure as well as to continuously enhance the idealo.

Price notifications for bargain seekers

The price alert option on Idealo is the greatest of all (for those willing to wait for the item they desire). When goods you're keen on reach a specific price, Idealo will send you an email! Users only need to click on the "Price Alert" link button to receive this type of information. Easy! When you hold a sale at your store, that's a nice method to remind potential buyers about your products.

Filtering on Idealo

Additionally, it's simple to filter search engine results to check if an item is in stock, whether delivery costs are included, and to view the top 10 sellers based on related products. It is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.

Assurance of quality and correctness at Idealo

A team of approximately 250 content curators is also employed by Idealo. They have to make sure that product information is truthful, accurate, and up to date. Customers may rest easy knowing that all prices and products are current and accurately represent the items mentioned.

At Idealo, there are no listing costs.

Since Idealo does not receive a commission for displaying the products, any partners may have been required to provide the best pricing available, just like every other merchant.

So, how do they earn?

Idealo only receives funding from its stores and collaborates with partners on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. Everyone who uses Idealo has an equal chance of success, no matter how big or small.

Carbon-neutral enterprises

One more good thing: in the current climate-conscious era, there is pressure on businesses and society at large to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Idealo is a publicly traded carbon-neutral company. to experience that cozy, comforting sensation without contributing to the climate problem! 

Idealo's performance pixel

The tracking performance pixel provides the vendor with a thorough account of consumer behavior that resulted in the sale (or didn't!).


If your store has a high bounce rate (customers who come in and leave right away), you may want to consider whether wrong pricing, additional costs, or other factors may have turned them away.

Assistance at Idealo

High-quality support from the Idealo team is another benefit of the platform. They serve as your first point of contact when clients have questions, even though you will of course be contacted if they visit your online business. To ensure that you are getting the greatest results possible from Idealo, they also effectively analyze your product feed.

Adding Your Product Feed to Idealo

You can upload your product feed to Idealo using your eCommerce system's FTP or HTTP web server by using.csv,.txt, or.xml files. To guarantee your upload is swift and secure, you should also use file type and passcode files, which is useful.

Idealo is an API web service that you may use to provide real-time information about your offers and products. This service employs the JSON interchange format and is accessible through HTTPS. The Idealo PWS 2.0 is this.

Unless you're utilizing API, you'll need to change your feed numerous times every day to make sure your rates and inventory are up to date. This lessens the likelihood that customers would be disappointed after visiting your web store through Idealo due to overselling or pricing adjustments.