Why Telemarketing Is Necessary for Digital Marketing
Why Telemarketing Is Necessary for Digital Marketing
Given then intense competition on social media, digital marketing is not as successful as it once was. Find out how adding telemarketing to the mix can change the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Why Telemarketing Is Necessary for Digital Marketing

In today’s current environment, given the accessibility to computers, the rapid rise in technological advancements in countries across the world, and the ever-growing application of smartphones, individuals are accessing the internet more conveniently and more frequently. It comes as no surprise then, that marketers responded to these developments by increasing their use of digital marketing strategies to attract this modern consumer, after all, the number of internet users surpassed 4 billion in January 2020

Digital marketing channels such as social media have opened up new opportunities for buyers to conduct independent research of products online before buying, therefore it makes sense to leverage from this consumer choice and catch some of the immense web traffic and the profits it could bring.

But in today’s current environment, with well over 60 million business pages on Facebook, 30 million business pages on LinkedIn & 25 million business pages on Instagram it’s not surprising to learn, that offline marketing is cutting through the online ‘noise’. Offline marketing is reclaiming recognition since it is used with less frequency and telemarketing is quickly becoming a powerful instrument once more, and when integrated with intentional digital marketing methods, the success rate is exceptional.

Successful marketers understand that the most cost-effective use of your marketing resource is not to replace one method of outbounding marketing for the other, but the secret lies in integrating digital marketing with telemarketing techniques. While digital marketing is a frontrunner for communicating your brand to the masses quickly, telemarketing is the ideal approach to move past the introductions and in the direction of building a strong rapport with the consumer.

Diminishing Returns with Digital Marketing

The data shows that digital marketing is now quite problematic given it is exceedingly competitive in the online domain. There are on average four consumers to each website that resides on the internet. Irrespective of this intense competition and seemingly impossible odds, there is an answer to this apparent difficult challenge so you can stand out from the crowd.

To increase your profits on digital marketing campaigns, take smart measures.  Telemarketing is the answer that will give your business the edge over competitors in the online world. It may seem counter instinctive at first, but to succeed online you should deploy offline methods in affiliation with your digital marketing techniques.

Lower Competition in Telemarketing

If you are thinking telemarketing is outdated and no longer relevant in this digitally dominated world, you’re not alone. It is a very common misconception that is largely believed. This widespread misconception is ironically the reason why telemarketing is seeing a resurgence and yielding healthier profits.

By choosing to overlook telemarketing as an effective marketing approach, competitors are leaving the doors open. With a heavy emphasis on digital marketing, many business development lead generation are disregarding telemarketing, and at their own detriment, creating opportunities for the wiser businessperson.

With less competition on this telemarketing front, you can revel in improved returns. And when integrated with your outbounding marketing campaign, the results are outstanding.

How Telemarketing Can Boost Your Digital Campaign

There are many reasons why telemarketing is more relevant than ever in today’s environment.

Targeted telemarketing works by contacting warm leads – prospects who have shown an interest in your product through your business’s platforms. This marketing technique is far more successful in comparison to the obsolete cold calling of which calls are randomly made to unknown people.

The stigma around telemarketing largely stems from this key concept of ‘cold calling’. Modern-day telemarketing gets around this problem brilliantly by engaging warm leads, of who are interested persons, giving a much greater chance of success.

Your social media pages can serve as a valuable source of warm leads and prospects.

An excellent example of the integrated marketing methods in action is when contact information is collected from consumers who access your social media pages or your website and elect to receive your newsletter. The savvy telemarketer then gets in touch with these warm leads and assists your conversion of these prospects into long term customers.

It makes sense to engage such prospects through verbal interactions, the element of human collaboration can prove to be the decisive factor in convincing prospects to buy your products and services.

Relying on your social media & website to single-handedly deliver your outsourced business message and win those customers will not achieve the results you desire. By connecting with interested consumers over the phone you can leave a lasting impression that will gain their interest and quickly convert them from prospect to client.

Telemarketing will help you to convert those prospects who may have otherwise been lost without making direct contact. If you genuinely wish to increase your conversion rate, then waste no time with integrating the telemarketing approach with your current digital strategies.

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