We're focusing on Mut 23 Coins
We're focusing on Mut 23 Coins
Wide receiver has now become the most sought-after position. Teams are paying big dollars to sign famous wide receivers.

Today, we're focusing on Mut 23 Coins wide receiver. With the NFL being a fully-fledged passing league Wide receiver has now become the most sought-after position. Teams are paying big dollars to sign famous wide receivers.


AJ Brown was traded from the Tennessee Titans to the Philadelphia Eagles where he signed a lucrative four-year, $100 million contract. The former Kansas City Chiefs superstar Tyreek Hill signed a four-year $120 million deal in the Miami Dolphins. Davante Adamswho many consider to be one of the top receivers in the league went from Green Bay to Las Vegas where the team signed him to a five-year $141.25 million contract. If you don't have the best wide receiver in your team, you might as well kiss your playoff prospects goodbye.


However, big contracts do not necessarily mean the highest overall ratings in Madden 23. Don't forget the dollar signs, here are the wide receivers we think will have the best score within Madden NFL 23.


Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders


This is an obvious choice. Davante Adams is among the league's top players in yards, receptions and touchdowns for the past few seasons. In the last season, he was first in all important categories of receiving: 123 receptions (2nd) 1.553 yards (3rd), eleven touchdowns (5th). Adams began last year as an inductee into the 99 Club and I think that he'll be there until at least the start of the season.


Of course, the biggest problem with Davante is whether or not he can produce these types of performances without Aaron Rodgers. Adams will have Derek Carr delivering him the football. While Carr isn't a slouch However, he's still not Aaron Rodgers. We'll be able to determine quickly the extent to which Adams statistics were due to the talent of Aaron Rodgers.


DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals


Injuries derailed DeAndre Hopkins' season last year, however, before 2021 he recorded three straight seasons of 100-plus receptions and four straight seasons with 1.000-plus yards.


Hopkins played in just 10 games in the last season Hopkins had 42 receptions for 572 yards and eight touchdowns. Although his numbers were a bit lower, he was at the top of his game for another outstanding season. Even in his limited time, his eight touchdown catches were the most that he's ever had since the beginning of Buy Mut Coins Madden 23.