VPS Server Hosting: Everything You Need to Know About It
VPS Server Hosting:  Everything You Need to Know About It
VPS server hosting is where the users can completely stop worrying about the frequent downtimes that they experience in a shared server hosting environment.

VPS Server Hosting The Best Solution At Onlive Server

If you are a beginner into running an online business, shared server hosting will feel like the right plan for you. That’s because you do not have a large budget to go for dedicated or virtual private server hosting and you also have a very small site that does not require a lot of resources. But as you start growing as a business, you will quickly and easily discover the restrictions or the limitations when there is an increase in traffic on your site. This is the time when you need to upgrade to VPS Server Hosting without worrying about exorbitant prices. The rates are nothing to worry about because the services and functions that you get are the same as a dedicated server but within the most affordable rates.

The best thing about VPS hosting is that even with the smallest VPS plan, you will get the ability of accessing several additional resources that can be used for managing and hosting your content management system which will indirectly meet the needs of your website. Let’s have an idea of VPS server hosting first.

What is Server Hosting In the First Place?

In order to possess a site on the internet, it is important for businesses to have the files of their site on the online server. Installing, maintaining and managing a server cannot just be expensive but troublesome as well. Going for server hosting allows site owners to rent a good amount of space on the online server. This further makes it very easy for the site owner to host their online websites without having to transfer their files or without worrying about the safety of their files.

Regardless of whether the users or site owners are going for VPS, dedicated or shared hosting, all the different hosting accounts are the same as they offer web server that are required for running a site. Nevertheless, the different hosting plans tend to vary in features provided by them and the level of customization they offer to the sites being hosted on them.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

There are a number of important points you need to know about VPS server hosting and they are as follows:

·         VPS or virtual private server hosting is a virtualized machine or server.

·         The VPS environment is the same as the dedicated server environment and is even close to the shared server hosting environment. So, it can be precisely said that VPS is both about dedicated and shared server hosting.

·         VPS is among the three major server hosting packages that sites require for their hosting requirements.

The Work Procedure of a Virtual Private Server

The technology behind VPS hosting is the same as VMware or Virtual Box. All these different programs allow the users to function varied virtualized operating systems on a single machine. Take for example; if your desktop is running on the Windows 7 browser, you can go for Windows XP or Linux operating system without the need of restarting your machine.

The virtual private server hosting environment is of the greatest benefit to users mainly because they can have varied virtualized operating systems functioning on one single virtual machine. Each virtualized operating system in this framework works in the form of a fully dedicated server. It allows users to avail all the benefits of a dedicated server but within costs that can be quite affordable for the users.

The Advantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting

There are large scale advantages of VPS hosting and they are as follows:

·         Virtual private servers or VPS offers greater privacy and control in comparison to shared server hosting. Additionally, these servers allow the users to handle the machine with a lot of efficiency.

·       VPS hosting offers users with exclusive Internet protocol address along with the provision of data additional safety and security. In addition to this, the users also get administrative rights on the use of the server. This further allows them to possess complete control on the content hosted on these platforms.

·         The users of a VPS server also get the flexibility of customizing or tailoring the server according to their requirements; installing different software programs and making upgrades by way of changing the configurations of the server.

·      You get additional memory with a virtual private server. Why let increased website traffic crash the site when you have the advantages of CPU, disk space, bandwidth and dedicated RAM? Yes, there’s VPS hosting that offers additional memory which in turn offers additional processing power while boosting the performance of your site as and when required. When there’s high traffic on a site, virtual private server hosting offer additional CPU and memory automatically for managing the increased visitors and their varied requirements.

Managing a Virtual Private Server

Hosting your website on a virtual private server means you can easily manage it through different control panels like cPanel or Plesk. Here it is important to note that the Plesk control panel provides complete support to OSX, Linux and Windows. It also makes it very easy for the hosting providers to offer the same control panel on Windows and Linux Cheap VPS platforms.


Going for virtual private server hosting means getting the same benefits of a dedicated server but with the lowest costs. VPS hosting is highly beneficial for all kinds of websites as it is good at bridging the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.