Tunnel data management system | Tunnel information
Tunnel data management system | Tunnel information
Maxwell GeoSystems has created a world-leading software system for the display and interpretation of construction data.

Maxwell GeoSystems are experienced Geotechnical Engineers with decades of boots-on-the-ground experience of major construction and infrastructure projects. We’re also Data Management Specialists who know how to acquire, process & dynamically connect data to help project stakeholders make timely decisions, manage risk and optimise resources throughout the duration of a project. With roots in the supply and analysis of geotechnical data Maxwell GeoSystems understand the value of providing timely information to engineers, key decision makers and project stakeholders. The company has been actively involved in major infrastructure, mining, construction and environmental projects throughout the world in partnership with leading construction companies and consultancies.

Tunneling and underground construction works contain extensive amounts of data generated from site investigation, instrumentation & monitoring, as well as construction itself. Successful delivery of these projects requires a thorough understanding and interpretation of the information being received in real-time.

The MissionOS platform is a market proven system that has been implemented on large urban tunnel projects worldwide for risk management, machine process control, shift reporting and observational engineering feedback. It is proven tunnel management system

                    With unparalleled flexibility for data integration and analysis, the MissionOS is proving to be the tool of choice for tunnel professionals worldwide.Maxwell GeoSystems continues to develop enhancements and tools tailored specific to the clients’ needs. Our team of experts in tunneling, instrumentation and computer programming, work closely with clients to provide solutions for reducing uncertainties and minimizing risks on projects.

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