Top 10 Customer Journey Mapping Tools
Top 10 Customer Journey Mapping Tools
Customer journey mapping tools collect information on the various stages of your customer’s journey so you can improve your CX, engagement, and conversion rates.

Top 10 Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Mapping customer journeys can be challenging. You will need reliable customer journey mapping tools to collect real-time data accurately. Customer journey visualization on your website requires more than learning the bounce rates on each page. You will need to know how to create a customer journey map.

Your website visitors will interact differently with your website depending on the phase of their journey. For example, someone who has just found your brand via an ad on Facebook will explore the latest releases, product catalogs, and customer reviews before registering or purchasing.

A patron may behave differently. They may enter your website, directly look for a product, check for available discounts and purchase it.

You need powerful collaborative tools to collate anecdotal data from multiple touchpoints during the customer journey stages and various data sources.


Customer Journey Mapping Tools You Need To Check Out



Smaply is a web-based customer journey mapping tool. It allows webmasters to map user journeys with stunning accuracy. Marketers can utilize Smaply to create customer journey maps quickly. You can create customer personas, stakeholder maps, and journey maps by collecting insights using only one tool.

Key Features

        Easy to use drag and drop layout

        Automatic graph generators

        Visualization of channel usage

        Hassle-free arrangement of lanes

        Addition of lanes, such as text lanes or storyboards

        Enhancement of user journey with the use of graphs

Sign up for free. Smaply offers a 14 day free trial for all users.




Webmaxy is a complete customer journey map software. It combines a customer experience platform with research services and strategic assessment to generate highly accurate customer journey maps for all websites.

With Webmaxy you get the complete tool suite necessary to turn heatmaps, funnels, touchpoints, form analysis, surveys and polls, sessions replays, and user insights into customer journey maps. Get a competitive advantage with advanced user behavior analysis.

Webmaxy Key Features

        Keep track of your goals from the web and mobile applications through advanced funnel analytics

        Boost web conversions by observing real-time user-interactions

        Know your visitor interactions through advanced Webmaxy heatmap generation

        Segment your visitors based on user preferences and customize filters

        Create and track multiple funnels

        Webmaxy integrates with several other tools like WordPress, Magento, Wix, Shopify, Joomla, Instapage, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, and HubSpot.

Try the Webmaxy customer journey map creator for free by registering now.




Heap is a leading digital insights tool. It combines qualitative and quantitative data to generate a complete digital customer journey map. Heap collects all customer data automatically. Heap is a low-code platform that enables all users to make data-driven decisions without the requirement of coding knowledge.

Key Features

        Identify different customer personas

        Define the factors that prompt the various personas during their journey

        Recognize where the users drop off from the funnels

        Construct and share reports with teams

        Filter the funnels down to particular usernames to learn everything you can about individual users

You can check out their free trial right here. Or, request a demo for your team.




Are you an entrepreneur or website owner looking for creating a customer journey map? UXPressia is a collaborative customer experience platform that can help.

Key Features

        Simple and intuitive map layout

        15 types of sections

        Create customer journey maps with presentation-ready personas and impact maps

        Collaborate with multiple teams in real-time

        Use real-time data to create user journey maps

        Create and share user personas for every product and service with your team

        Join the UXPressia Online Academy courses to step up your customer experience game

You can use UXPressia for 1 project, 1 map, and 1 persona and share it with 1 user for no cost. You can sign up for free or request a demo of the customer journey mapping software on their official website.




You can think of Miro as an online whiteboard. You can integrate it with Webmaxy to create dynamic graphs, heatmaps, and notes on the insights with the entire team. Miro has a ready-to-use customer journey map template that will help you get your customers from Point A to Point B successfully.

Key Features

        Use it with other customer journey analytics like WebMaxy

        Share and discuss your customer journey stages with all teams

        See real-time updates and visual representation

        Leverage color-coding to mark the touchpoints

        Mark the most important interactions on the whiteboard

        Unending whiteboard space for multiple “sticky notes” and markups.

Miro allows users to sign up for free and use the customer journey template on trial.




Lucidchart is the ultimate mind-mapping tool that simplifies any complex customer journey. With over 10 million users across the world, LucidChart features an easy-to-use flow chart maker to map and share customer journey maps.

Key Features

        Compatible with MS Office, Slack, G Suite, and Box

        Enjoy complete support for Microsoft Visio Documents

        Share with multiple team members

        Edit online

        Easy drag-and-drop features

        Export as standard file formats or publish with an online viewer

Lucidchart offers free sign-up options. The free version of this customer journey map software offers 3 editable documents, 100 professional templates, and basic collaborations and integrations.



Mapovate is a superior software customer journey map. You can use it to create multiple personas, draw customer journeys, and measure multi-channel and multi-touchpoint performance. You can use the customer journey mapping software to map and draw user journeys.

Key Features

        Create unique user personas and define the journeys of each profile

        Define each stage of interaction along with value moments

        Use and monitor multi-channel touchpoints

        Get alerts on your email and notifications for creating follow-up actions

Enjoy your free trial for 14 days. Contact the Mapovate team for a quote.




Gliffy is a hassle-free diagramming software. It is an enterprise-grade diagram tool. It is ideal for every entrepreneur who needs flowcharts for their business or wireframing for their design project.

Key Features

        Drag-and-drop options for multiple shapes

        Multiple revision support

        Protects, tracks, and saves all changes

        Offers direct communication via the commenting tool

        Easy sharing with team and/or clients using read-only URLs

Integration with Google Drive

You can start a free trial of the Gliffy online premium features right here.




Clarabridge is an AI-powered tool that you can use to analyze customer feedback. It uses text analytics to collect, monitor, and assess what people have been saying about your brand, products, and services from social media and other review sites.

Key Features

        Learn how, why, and when your consumers interact with your site and/or brand

        Understand emotion, intent, and effort

        SaaS-based, AI-powered tech to gain detailed customer feedback analytics

        Easy-to-use and ready-to-use templates

Contact Clarabridge for a quote.




Gainsight is what we call a customer success company. It uses state-of-the-art customer interaction monitoring tools to reduce bounce rates and increase upsells. Gainsight leverages usage analytics along with customer preferences to enhance the customer journey.

Key Features

        Unified visual interface for accessing data from the service desk, usage tracking software, financial systems, CRM, and survey tools

        Integrate with Webmaxy for a 360-degree customer journey map

        Visualization of multiple dimensions of customer engagement

        Easy development, tracking, realization, and export of customer journey mapping

Contact the Gainsight team for a quote.

Summing it Up


The right customer journey mapping tools will help you enhance the customer experience, improve conversion rates and increase your ROI significantly. So why wait? Try out the best journey mapping tool from the list for upgrading your website experience.