Is Miyapur the new Real estate hub in Hyderabad?
Is Miyapur the new Real estate hub in Hyderabad?
If you are someone who is looking for a flat in Miyapur, then this article will help you clear your queries:

If you are someone who is looking for a flat in Miyapur, then this article will help you clear your queries: 

Real Estate Market in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad has emerged as the new hotspot for IT firms and investors. With well-connected roads, excellent infrastructure, and relatively better air quality, it has crossed Bangalore as the new preferred destination for young professionals.

Hyderabad is a major employment centre in India. In 2016, there were 250 publicly traded companies in Hyderabad. The demand for housing is constantly increasing due to the influx of professionals. Research shows the top localities to buy a flat: Manikonda, Kukatpally, Gachibowli, Miyapur, Bachupally, Kompally, Kondapur, Dammaiguda, Chandanagar, and Nizampet. Except for new and developing areas like Dammaiguda, all other areas have seen significant price increases. 

While prices have steadily risen, they have remained stable enough to avoid disrupting one's finances. This indicates that the city's real estate market is healthy and has enough momentum to overcome capital value erosion.

Below are the reasons why you should buy a flat in Hyderabad.

  • Rapid Infrastructure Development: The state government plays an essential part in facilitating the construction of Hyderabad's real estate infrastructure to keep the city buzzing with activity. Infrastructure is critical to the growth of the real estate sector.

  • Cost of Living: Compared to other metropolitan cities, Hyderabad seems to have a lower cost of living. It is a peaceful city with IT hubs and offices positioned here, making it one of the best cities in the country. 

  • Increase in Job O pportunities: While everyone is aware of Hyderabad's emerging IT industry, what we are forgetting is the increase in job opportunities. With many MNCs finding their home in the city, young and skilled people are also finding their dream jobs here. 

  • Different Cultures: People from all over the country reside in Hyderabad for several reasons. This means if you plan on living your life in the city, you will get to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds. This not only helps you understand better about India's culture but also gives you a chance to network with multiple people at once. 

  • Government Initiatives: Government initiatives have jolted the dormant markets to life. The government has created a strategic dispersal of markets that were previously concentrated in certain parts of the city through strategies such as Look East, Look North, and Integrated Township Policy.

Among various areas in Hyderabad, the most suitable and popular area happens to be Miyapur. If you are looking for a flat in Hyderabad, then Miyapur should be your search area. 

Why own Apartments in Miyapur?

Miyapur, located 22 kilometres from Hyderabad, is one suburb. Miyapur's economy was earlier out of agriculture, dairy, and quarrying, and it was once ruled by some of the Deccan Plateau's most powerful rulers. It is one of the top ten preferred locations for budget-conscious property investors.

Buying a flat in Miyapur, Hyderabad will help you to live in a prime location surrounded by excellent infrastructure.

  • Miyapur has good travel connectivity with the other parts of Hyderabad. Specifically, Miyapur is 12 km away from NH 9 along with the Vijayawada Highway. It also has buses running across the city. Besides, Miyapur has a metro line connected as well.  

  • Miyapur is an area with massive real estate industry prospects, with many developers looking to invest in new projects shortly to capitalise on the lucrative returns that the area provides. Up to 30 new residential projects could be completed in the next three years, catering primarily to the area's young IT population.

  • Miyapur has a significant amount of beauty in addition to its amenities. It is surrounded by small hills and is close to Ameenpur Lake. Residents who enjoy the outdoors can hike, walk, or even cave among the hills.

  • If you plan to rent a flat in Miyapur, the average rental for 2 to 3 BHK apartments ranges between Rs 12,000 and Rs 30,000, making it a price-sensitive market. Customers can also easily obtain a 2 BHK apartment for Rs 20 to 30 lakhs and a 3 BHK apartment for Rs 40 to 60 lakhs. 

If you are looking for flats for sale in Miyapur, then Gautami Heights is your go-to place!

Gautami Heights, located in Miyapur, is a pinnacle of architectural design. We want people to experience affordable luxury. If you are planning on buying a flat in Miyapur, you have to check out our ongoing project Gautami Heights.

You will get to choose from a variety of flats ranging between 2BHK, 2.5BHK and 3BHK in one of the most desirable locations of Hyderabad. Gautami Heights is where you will find shopping, entertainment and corporate treasure. 

Your neighbouring areas include BHEL, Hotel Sitara Grand, SLG Hospitals, Healthcare, Shopping, Miyapur Metro Station, and recreation locales. 

Amenities at Gautami Heights:

These days leisure is as essential as work. If we don't rest and have fun, we will be able to get back to work with a positive mindset. We would instead be sulking all day and not performing well. 

However, if you decide to buy yourself or your family a flat in Gautami Heights, you can be assured that you will finally achieve a work-life balance. 

With world-class amenities like a spa, barbeque, guest room big, gym and library, your life at Gautami Heights will be full of fun.