Sapient Business Consulting Services
Sapient Business Consulting  Services
The introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will result in a significant increase in the requirements for Fair Value and related concepts and this is where sapient consulting will assist you.
In today's changing business environment, professional advice on fair value is required rather than historical value as provided by financial statements. Over the years, the regulatory and management requirements for Fair Valuation for various purposes have multiplied.
The introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will result in a significant increase in the requirements for Fair Value and related concepts and this is where sapient consulting will assist you.
Whether it is complex business valuations, investment valuations, deals, or strategic financial decisions, our multi-skilled resources of financial accountants as well as technical specialists supported by industry experts assist clients in achieving fair valuation results for a variety of purposes across industries.
In the world of digital-first experiences and widespread automation, the use of digital tech consulting is rapidly increasing. However, the importance and role of consulting are frequently underestimated. A digital business consultant is frequently perceived as something that only large corporations require and can afford.
In this article, we will discuss the key benefits of digital consulting company Sapient Consulting for businesses of any size or domain, as well as how they are a network of Chartered Engineers / Valuers that provides Valuations, Technical Due Diligence, and TEV Study services to various corporates in India and around the world.

What Exactly Are Valuation Advisory Services?

Valuation advisory services are provided in order to provide objective valuations for financial reporting, tax, investment, Business/Undertaking, Shares/Debentures, Brand, Technology, Customer Relationships, IPRs, Goodwill, Intangibles, ESOP, and other purposes.

What Do Valuation Advisors Do?

Valuation Advisors are independent professionals with the skills and resources to offer a credible company valuation for a business enterprise or its underlying assets, as well as extensive industry knowledge to analyse how market trends may impact value and provide expertise on the applicable legal, tax, or regulatory environment.
What Can Our Business Valuation Services Provide?
Over the last few decades, business valuation needs have evolved as well as shifted dramatically, as has the essence of client-business valuation service partnerships.
Sapient Consulting provides you with services based on:
  • Innovation and expertise aimed at increasing productivity and profitability rather than increasing scale efficiency.
  • Risk/reward relationships that represent delivered interest rather than time invested
  • More extensive external experience that supplements in-house skills and accelerates learning.
  • A proven track record of success on various projects.

What can digital consulting offer your company?

According to Statista, the digital consulting market has been steadily growing over the last ten years. It was worth $48 billion a few years ago, and its global market value is expected to exceed $53 billion. The primary goal of digital advisory services is to assist businesses and organisations in achieving their goals in innovation and digital transformation in the most efficient way possible while remaining market relevant through the use of information technology and digital channels.
IT consulting services range from long-term digital innovation strategy development to immediate transformations such as integrations with third-party services, cloud migration, automation of business processes, big data consulting, and custom software development. As a result, businesses seek the assistance of digital consultants to achieve various short and long-term objectives. Here are a few examples:

With digital strategy consulting, you can create and implement an innovation roadmap.

Companies of all sizes are now implementing or considering digital transformation. To avoid haphazard initiatives, executives begin with a digital strategy to guarantee a smooth transformation journey, mitigate risks, and justify investment in innovation. However, developing an effective digital strategy for a business is not a simple task. It requires expertise in technology, industry, market, and business, as well as extensive analytics capabilities. Digital consulting firms, among other things, specialise in the development of digital strategies and tactics.
To begin with, consultants have the analytics and business knowledge needed to determine how a company can achieve its short-term and long-term innovation goals efficiently and on budget. As a result, a digital consultation includes market research, analysis of industry best practices, trends, and the current state of technology, among other things.

About Sapient Consulting and its services

Chartered Engineering Services

Sapient is an independent network of Chartered Engineers/Valuers that provides certification/valuation services for plant and machinery, land, and buildings.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services in a variety of fields, including techno-economic viability (TEV) studies, due diligence, compliance consulting, mergers and acquisition advisory, and other financial and business-related issues.

Valuation Advisory Services

We offer a wide range of valuation and consulting services to corporations and individuals for the reporting and recognition of assets and liabilities in financial statements.

Insurance Advisory Services

Our insurance advisors use their knowledge of insurance policies and companies to evaluate, recommend, and sell plans based on the needs of our customers or businesses.
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