Why we love co-working spaces in Dubai?
Why we love co-working spaces in Dubai?
The Executive Lounge is one of the fastest-growing co-working spaces in Dubai. Located near the World Trade Center of Dubai, at the H Hotel, the Executive Lounge is centrally located making it easy for workers to commute. Along with the added amenities, the Executive Lounge offers a perfect gateway for the professionals who are looking for support from a community of like-minded individuals. Contact The Executive Lounge and find out how this trend of working can work for you!

Co-working spaces or shared workplaces offer affordable working space to professionals who wish to escape the isolation of cafes or home offices. The co-working spaces in Dubai provide the users with all the necessary amenities including hot desks, meeting rooms, IT support, and continuous supply of fresh coffee. Occupants of the co-working space predominantly include freelancers, people who are traveling, non-profit organizers, students, and startup owners who benefit from the flexible space without the need to lease conventional office.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of co-working spaces.

1.     Networking

Networking is one of the most appealing features of the theco-working trend. At a shared office space, professionals from different backgrounds gather with their unique set of skills and experiences. This offer many networking opportunities to the members, especially novice entrepreneurs and freelancers who are struggling with their place in the industry.

2.     Cost-effective

Another benefit of the co-working space is the cost-efficiency.’ Startup owners, freelancers, and small teams of workers are often not equipped with the required resources to rent and manage traditional office spaces. To save on their budget, they flock towards co-working spaces that provides them with a workplace for rent and added corporate amenities at a low cost.

3.     Flexibility

Let’s say you work during the evening hours rather than the traditional 9 to 5. At a co-working space, you can enjoy the flexibility of working at your own preferred days and time.

4.     A centralized location

Besides offering hot-desk facilities, a co-working space features meeting and conference room access as well. The client meetings become more hassle-free since most co-working offices are situated in downtown areas of Dubai – with convenient access to public transport, parking, hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas.

5.     Various perks

Not only do co-working spaces provide places to work but also offer countless amenities that enhance the worker's ability to balance personal and work life. Some of the perks at The Executive Lounge of Dubai include:

·      Concierge support

·      Access to meeting and conference rooms

·      Access to private office suites

·      Complimentary coffee, tea, and water

·      Admin services

·      Telecommunication facilities

·      High-speed internet connections

·      Invites to social and educational events

·      Discounts at the gym, dining areas, and shopping venues of the H Hotel, Dubai


6.     Increase in productivity

It can be a challenge to get up in the morning and work from the home office. Similarly, there are all sorts of distractions at home that often hinder a person’s productivity. However, when you are at a co-working space, you are surrounded by other like-minded professionals that motivate you to work harder. Additionally, co-working spaces free you from the distractions present at home and enable you to complete the task at hand with more efficiency.

7.     Shared economy

The shared economy is a concept that focuses on sharing the human, physical, and intellectual resources. In a co-working place, the members collaborate and contribute to society by sharing knowledge and resources they have.