What’s a VTC Driver !?
What’s a VTC Driver !?
l'annuaire des VTC est le répertoire le plus complet de France des chauffeurs privés VTC.

A VTC? But what’s that !?

 VTC signifies in french ” Voiture de Tourisme avec chauffeur” “Taking a VTC” signifies renting a car using a driver for a distance or possibly a offered time. A VTC driver will have to comply with strict regulations, he need to have a skilled card, be registered in the VTC register, be insured for the transport of persons and physical exercise with a automobile compatible using the VTC activity (- 6 years, length> 4m50, Motor power> 115 hp). Get additional information regarding Annuaire VTC

As opposed to a taxi, a VTC driver can only perform on reservation, he cannot take a client who hails him on the street.

People that make the achievement from the VTC are that they mostly guarantee a particular ethics: very good attire, current automobiles and in very good condition, bottles of water and charger phones offered, drivers In the exact same time listening and discreet towards their consumers.

In tourist towns for example Bordeaux, VTC drivers are usually expected to drive tourists wishing to discover the area. It truly is essential in this case to speak a minimum English.

To finish, contrary to what quite a few people believe, a VTC driver just isn't necessarily a Uber Driver! A lot of independent drivers have their very own website and their own buyers!