Lipo Laser Treatment Dissolves Fat
Lipo Laser Treatment Dissolves Fat
The lipo laser treatment is designed to bypass hard workouts and diets to safely and effectively get rid of unwanted body fat.

Modern Beauty offers a variety of face and body treatments. One of them is lipo laser treatment, which is used to dissolve fat. With the help of a lipo laser slimming machine, you can remove excess fat locally.


Most people may choose to diet and exercise to stay in shape or lose weight. There is also a segment of people who want to lose volume quickly, opting for liposuction, which does not require strict discipline from the patient. But liposuction has many contraindications and can take weeks to recover.


Compared to these methods, lipo laser treatment is a gentler procedure that uses a low-intensity laser beam to treat localized fat cells and then destroy them. The decomposed decay products are eventually metabolized by the liver, and the result is a significant reduction in the fat layer. Also, the laser used in lipo laser treatment only affects fat cells and does not affect other tissues and organs.


With the help of lipo laser treatment, patients can easily remove fat from body parts such as the abdomen, sides, thighs, arms, etc. And no long recovery period is required. Under the action of lipo laser, up to 10 cm of volume can be removed, and patients can see visible results after 1-2 sessions.


Who is Suitable for Lipo Laser Treatment?

Lipo laser treatment is not a panacea. If the patient weighs more than 100 kg, then lipo laser treatment will not help to reduce a lot of fat in a short time.


Main indications:

·Patient dissatisfaction with insignificant body fat;


·Skin nodules after liposuction;

·Gynecomastia (a pathology due to accumulation of adipose tissue).

·Lipo laser treatment is also suitable for situations that require urgent correction of the body.


The Necessity of Lipo Laser Treatment

People usually lose weight by counting calories. But the physiological consequences of losing weight have always been unknown. People are often frustrated by ineffective weight loss because they always expect a big change in weight in a short period. However, the body will only achieve fat loss if certain conditions are met. And lipo laser treatment to dissolve fat is a recognized weight-loss method.


The main reason why patients choose lipo laser treatment is that it can dissolve fat and eliminate localized fat deposits in the body. This method can help you remove the amount of adipose tissue, but it cannot be used to remove weight (thus, it is not suitable for obese patients).


The number of fat cells in the treated area will be significantly reduced after the first session (about 25-30% of what is needed). With the increase of the number of treatments and the passage of time, the treatment effect will become better and better.


The main advantages of this program:

·Fast and visible results

·Short recovery period, does not affect normal life

·No trauma and pain

·Decomposed fat cells are naturally excreted from the body

·Suitable for all age groups


Lipo Laser Treatment Steps

The first step in any cosmetic procedure is a visit to a doctor or beautician for an initial examination to rule out possible contraindications. Then, the beautician will develop an exclusive treatment plan according to the patient's physical condition and needs.


After the preparation phase, start lipo laser treatment, which consists of the following steps:

·Identify the area of the patient that needs treatment and clean the skin of the treatment area;

·Use elastic bandages to fix the laser plate on the treatment area;

·Start the treatment after adjusting the required laser parameters according to the patient's treatment plan;

·Remove the laser plate after treatment and clean the treatment area again.


Lipo laser treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treated area for different patients. After the treatment, the beautician will perform a lymphatic drainage massage to speed up the removal of the decay products of the broken down fat cells.


Lipo Laser Treatment vs. Fat Freezing Treatment

Fat freezing machines are designed to treat localized fat deposits and correct body contours. Fat freezing may be an appropriate treatment for patients who are looking for non-surgical methods to reduce fat in specific areas.


However, for patients who want to remove excess fat from a larger area of the body. Alternatively, lipo laser treatment may be a more appropriate option for patients wishing to alter their body contours. Ultimately, the most appropriate treatment option is one of them. This corresponds to the patient's aesthetic goals and personal preferences.