Miel Natural | Natural Remedies for Dandruff
Miel Natural | Natural Remedies for Dandruff
Dandruff is itchy, white flakes of skin on your scalp that is uncomfortable and embarrassing to deal with. There are many over the counter (OTC) shampoos that treat dandruff. However, people also treat dandruff using the natural remedies below.


Nothing is more frustrating than a scalp full of dandruff. Dandruff problems often make people feel embarrassed. Yes, dandruff makes your scalp itchy and flaky, but it’s manageable. There are ample Hair Care Products available in the market but again there is a possibility of side effects in the process of removing dandruff. Here’s good news, you can try natural remedies for dandruff control. Get your confidence back without compromising your scalp health and support a natural lifestyle.

What are the reasons for dandruff?

Let me tell you, dandruff is not taboo. Dandruff problems are normal and many people out there have them, it’s just most people don’t admit it. But it doesn’t have to be like that, you can talk about dandruff issues. Here are some common issues and origins that cause dandruff and add to the bad health of your scalp.

  • An oily and dirty scalp
  • Skin diseases
  • Yeast and bacterial infections
  • Hormones, immune conditions, and age factor

Thankfully, there are some natural remedies you can try.


 Natural Remedies to Cure Dandruff Problems

Normally when we think about curing, some Medicated Products or treatments come to our mind. Luckily, there are natural remedies that not only treat your dandruff problems but are extremely effective. 

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are extremely effective and are tested products in terms of safety. A study published by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine stated few essential oils and their combination were proven to be capable of healing skin conditions that may be causing dandruff.

Give the following essential oils a try to treat your scalp and get rid of dandruff:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Cedarwood
  • Clary sage

A number of natural shampoos and scalp products consist of these essential oils. Tea tree oil is highly popular to treat scalp conditions and effectively reduce the flakiness of the scalp. Make sure you take dermatologists’ opinions before trying any formulated shampoos. 

  • Change Diet

As per Mayo Clinic study, vitamins, zinc, and other fatty acids can help get rid of dandruff. The University of Wisconsin suggested a yeast elimination diet help in oil control, which can accelerate fungus and bacteria present in many dandruff issues. Avoid carbohydrates, such as sugar, and bread. That will help remove fungus infections. 

Be sure to take the doctor’s recommendations before you make any dietary changes. 

  • Stress Release

Stress can trigger dandruff and hair fall up to a great level. Proper stress management can reduce the risk of dandruff and help in curing dandruff issues. To reduce stress, you can try yoga, meditation, and work on breathing- all these can effectively reduce stress.

  • Haircare

Here comes the important step. To control dandruff and scalp issues, a strict hair care routine is needed. Regular shampooing, conditioning, and oiling can provide good moisture and nourishment and can benefit your hair growth, ultimately leading to a healthy scalp. Coconut hair masks also help in treating drier and flaky scalp as per Penn Medicine. Take two spoons of coconut oil and mix it with lukewarm water and apply directly to your scalp, leave it for a few minutes and wash it off normally. 



The most assured way to treat dandruff issues is using natural remedies or natural products. At Miel Natural, we strive to produce all-natural products that are sustainably sourced. With natural ingredients like Argan oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Onion Oil, our Moroccan Argan Shampoo treats dandruff and is suitable for all skin types. We are on a mission to provide Naturally Sourced Products to our customers that are cruelty-free.