Gonser CH is the best place to shop for baby and toddler accessories
Gonser CH is the best place to shop for baby and toddler accessories
The expectant parents are filled with nervous anticipation from the moment they first felt the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound to the exact moment the baby is born.

To obtain the baby's whole initial set of equipment, however, 9 months are also required. because the vast array of accessories and presents available for infants and toddlers may rapidly become overwhelming.

Anyone who has ever visited a store that caters exclusively to infants and toddlers will be overwhelmed by the variety of strollers, bike trailers, playpens, kid car seats, baby cribs, and other items available. But what buying criteria ought to be taken into account, and what goods are appropriate as presents for a new family?

Find the best model of strollers

Along with the crib and car seat, the stroller is in the center of the essential baby gear. Grandparents or other family members frequently provide the stroller as a gift. Therefore, before you purchase a pram, consider what it needs to function.

They provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality models in the GONSER online store. All variations, whether they have three or four wheels, provide your baby with comfort and safety and are also more versatile than traditional Prams, sports buggies, or baby carriers. The majority of their baby carriage models offer some sort of padding. A height-adjustable push bar is unquestionably advised if the trolley is being pushed alternately by many people.

Baby on tour with a bike trailer

Bicycles are typically used by people who don't have a personal vehicle with a child seat and don't prefer to take public transportation. Why should you forgo it simply because you have a small passenger now? That is not a problem with bike trailers. Bicycle trailers with one or two seats are available from GONSER. Even if you currently only have one infant or toddler, you should think about whether you will have a second kid within the next several years or whether you will need to transport groceries in addition to the infant.

A two-seater would be a preferable option under these circumstances. All of GONSER's models come equipped with a stable tubular steel frame, a safety flag, and complete suspension for safe and comfortable transport. Whether it's for a short purchase or a prolonged outdoor bike journey, the necessary safety is offered in every model. GONSER also has models that can be quickly transformed into joggers that can be securely pushed in front of you as you run.

Reliable and comfortable playpen

If you must leave a baby or small child unattended for a brief period, you can put them to sleep or immediately place them in the playpen. The baby should be able to be laid down in a fairly safe area, even if there are dogs or young siblings present. When a baby merely wants to take a quick nap during the day, they occasionally even replace the cot.

Playpens come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes at GONSER. It makes sense to select a playpen that can be adjusted in height if you intend to use it from infancy. So you won't constantly have to stoop to the infant, you may set it to the highest height. It might also be one with a stable floor for young toddlers.

It depends on your choice whether you like a playpen made of wood or covered in mesh. A portable playpen might be helpful in apartments with limited room. Only use a playpen if your child is big and strong enough to pull himself up on the fence before then.

Always purchase a child seat that has been approved and is weight-adapted

When purchasing a child car seat, there are many factors to take into account. One child seat frequently differs significantly from another in terms of both price and quality. The considerable information that is provided and essential for understanding each seat can be difficult for laypeople to understand. Nevertheless, this knowledge is crucial. Because when picking a child's car seat, the child's safety is unquestionably the most important consideration. There are highly strict requirements placed on each unique model during production and the ensuing safety tests to guarantee this over the whole service life.

Different test standards group the individual models. After passing the test, each kid's seat is given a seal, which contains information about the relevant weight class. Because, in contrast to popular belief, the only factor in selecting the appropriate child car seat is the weight of the infant or child. Only body weight is relevant in this situation; the children's age and height are irrelevant.

Baby seat and child car seat at Gonser

High-quality infant and kid seats that go by all safety rules may be found in the online store GONSER.CH. The child seats listed are offered in the customary weight-based gradations for the kids. Various methods can handle weights between 0 kg and 36 kg. Infants and young children up to a body weight of 13 kg can use a portable baby seat for car seats (usually from 0-1-year-old).

Such a baby seat makes sure the little one is securely fastened in the car seat with a central adjustment for the belt, deep lateral support, and an extra headrest cushion. This weight-related information is always printed on the associated test seal. Particularly well-liked are kid seats that grow with the child or have expanding features. The belt's height can be manually altered to ensure that it always provides the best possible protection in the car seat.


When necessary, older kids who weigh at least 22 kg can utilize merely a booster seat by removing the backrest separately. Age and stature don't matter all that much, as was already mentioned. Different upholstery, for example at head height, not only ensure more comfort but also increases the aspect of safety when using a child seat. Washable covers are particularly advantageous when there are long journeys where the children eat small snacks in the car.