ItPathFinder - How To Streamline Your Job Search Process
ItPathFinder - How To Streamline Your Job Search Process
In a world that is as competitive as the present one, finding any form of employment is a daunting task. If you need a job soon, you need advice that will work efficiently. That’s why we’re sharing ways to speed up and streamline your job search.

Job hunting is commonly viewed as a full-time job within itself, so it’s no mystery that it can be hard and frustrating at times – especially if you’re not getting the results you desire. Job searching can be optimized to assist you in submitting higher-quality job applications faster, whether it’s the online application system or your habit of procrastinating in rewriting your resume. The epidemic turned an employment market that was already one of the tightest in history on its head. As per the United States Bureau Of Labor, unemployment peaked in April at nearly 15% and may have been considerably higher. 

So, if you’ve been procrastinating, hunting for perfect, more satisfying work, or are unsure what measures to take during your job-hunting, now would be the time to take action. Here are some tips for focusing and streamlining your job search to make it more efficient:

Identify what you want

Many job prospects are confused about what they want or where they wish to work. It gets difficult to streamline your job process without that critical information. Identify your goals, talents, and skills and plan ahead.

If you need help finding a job, ITPathfinder can help you optimize your job-searching process and find you a perfect job that suits all your needs. 

Automated Tracking System (ATS)

The automatic online application service that a firm uses to receive your resume is one of the most complicated techniques available. These systems are known as “black holes” for a reason: you have to fiddle with the phrasing and format of your job application just to keep the automated system from throwing it before it reaches hiring managers.

You may try improving your resume’s keywords – some have had positive outcomes doing so. However, if you wish to avoid application tracking systems and skip the entire procedure, sending your application straight to the appropriate recruiting manager is one approach. Note that if the job description specifically states that you should not send direct emails, you should not do so.

Apply efficiently

With a huge number of people unemployed after the pandemic, it’s tough out there. Anybody hunting for a job must start early on with their preparations like preparing your resume, cover letter, and research about the companies they want to work for. 

Most have experienced job-seeking once in their lifetime and often get distracted in their house chores or taking care of their family. Despite all the activities one performs, there is still time available to open up your laptop and apply or tailor your response for a job. 

Staying focused is the key to streamlining your job-seeking process. 

Research your future goals

You must be aware of what you want to accomplish, where you want to work, and how far you can push yourself to achieve it. As mentioned above, job hunting is similar to a full-time job, but staying on the path and working every day step-by-step will undoubtedly help you hunt your job down. 

Now, target the companies you want to apply for and find out whether the position you are seeking is available. Narrow down the list and prepare your customized resumes and cover letter. Focus on the job skills required and create your portfolio or similar work you have done to showcase and strengthen your case. Taking these extra steps will ensure your progress. 

Stay Aware of the Industry’s terms

As the world is reaching new heights, there are new positions available for people to work. There can be dozens of jobs with different names but similar duties. For instance, a decade ago, a salesman was called a salesman, however, nowadays, a salesman is also named as a business development manager or a sales executive. Don’t get bewildered. If you are struggling to find a job for your desired role, try using the alternative terms which are referred for that job and take a good look at the job description to identify if the duties match. If yes, prepare your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and your reference list and start applying without getting sloppy. Improvise your job application with ItPathfinder.  

Keep Exploring

With multiple resources and websites at your fingertips, be flexible. Your probability of landing an interview increases as you diversify your job search process and apply through various websites. Now, don’t start applying to every job position you find vacant in your field. Customize your resume and cover letter before applying. You can use some giant platforms like LinkedIn, Monster Jobs, Dice, etc. to search for your desired jobs. Also, check out some lesser-known job hunting sites to increase your chances as the competition will be considerably low. 


Work proactively

Your job search should be treated the same as if you are working a full-time job. Create a schedule that you must follow in your job searching. Working haphazardly and looking for jobs at midnight won’t help you if you know that it’s a bad time to apply. It gets frustrating, we know. Perceive it as a work project and prepare a calendar or use a tool to create a schedule and set tasks with a specific timeline. Keep note of where you apply and how you applied. Mostly, your resumes are sitting ducks in the recruiter’s inbox with hundreds of other applications. Maybe they are exploring their options. Often, the applicants miss out on a critical step in their job hunting – Following up. Now, if you call the recruiter asking for the status of your job application and if they are still hiring, chances are they will look up your job application as you displayed a necessary skill before even getting hired. It helps you draw attention and get yourself a quick selling point to speak about in your interview. 

Use LinkedIn effectively

With millions of recruiters at your fingertips, the probability of you getting hired is extremely high. There are more than 40 million companies registered on LinkedIn seeking employees. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, create one, now! For those of you who already have a LinkedIn account, optimize it, build your network, and keep posting. Looking for a job using LinkedIn is a witty way to get hired within a short duration.

Don’t apply unnecessarily

Even if it sounds stupid, there are several applicants who apply almost everywhere without any need. “Higher the applications, higher the probability of finding a job” is a good philosophy to follow if you are not looking for a specific role or want to join a relevant industry. Nevertheless, if you have planned and are ready to take off in your career, it’s best to apply to the companies you admire and for the position you like to work in. 

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