UI/UX Trends in App Development for the year 2022
UI/UX Trends in App Development for the year 2022
The latest UI/UX trends we have to follow in the year 2022 for ios or android app development.

UI/UX Trends in App Development for the year 2022

The UI/UX of an app often serves as the face of any brand. It guides users through the app and helps them connect with the brand in a seamless manner. Often users form the first impressions about a brand on the basis of the mobile app’s UI/UX design. When an app’s UI/UX is user-focused, functional, and appealing, success is guaranteed. Just like everything else in the digital world, UI/UX is constantly evolving. Today, UI/UX is not only about the look and feel of the app, it should be in sync with the UI design guidelines that can help in better organizing and structuring the app’s content.


1. Enhanced Personalisation

Personalization will gain momentum in 2022. Custom UX is becoming integral to mobile app development. Next-gen technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making the personalization of apps more seamless and less time-consuming. Developers are increasingly adopting streaming solutions such as YouTube where the AI in the background is constantly assessing users’ preferences.


2. Curved Corners

Both Android and iOS platforms offer rounded corners as most devices today have curved edges and the UI simply mirrors the curved appearance to offer users an enjoyable experience. Rounded corners look aesthetically pleasing and have proven to have a positive impact on the app’s UX.


3. Voice-powered Interaction

Voice-powered mobile apps are constantly on the rise. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and other AI-enabled virtual assistants are voice-based and will continue to influence the UX design trends today and in the future. Voice-powered applications are slowly becoming an essential part of our lives as they provide quick results, custom user experience and are more convenient.


4. Password-less Login

We access so many apps each day, that it is often difficult to remember each and every password. Password-less login is trending in 2022. Today, numerous types of passwordless logins are already being used by a range of mobile applications such as biometric authentication, Time Temporary Passwords, etc.


5. Advanced Animation

Integrating advanced animation into mobile applications can help deliver a better user experience. Animated moves and motions can help in delivering information to users about action confirmation, changes made and serve as a basis for adding the flow to interactions. Animation can also serve as a great way to differentiate a brand from competitors.

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