Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Its Benefits
Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Its Benefits
When we talk about the efficiency, reliability, and life of commercial refrigeration systems, regular preventive maintenance is a crucial factor to consider.

When we talk about the efficiency, reliability, and life of commercial refrigeration systems, regular preventive maintenance is a crucial factor to consider. Insufficient or improper maintenance of refrigeration may lead to higher energy bills, system failure followed by costly repairs, and losses due to product spoilage. For business professionals that are in the food processing and food service industries, it is imperative to have a reliable and efficient commercial refrigeration system. And this is because the safety of food products largely depends on the proper working of the refrigeration system. The best way to ensure that your refrigeration system is doing its job optimally is imperative to implement a regular maintenance program. So, routine maintenance of refrigeration in Canterbury should be your priority. There are several benefits associated with routine maintenance of refrigeration systems. Further, we are going to discuss the significant benefits of regular care and maintenance of your refrigeration system:

Benefits of Regular Care and Maintenance of Your Refrigeration Systems:

1.    Fewer Unexpected Repairs: Insufficient, improper, or total lack of maintenance can easily lead to premature failure of refrigeration systems. To prevent certain unforeseen problems in critical components like compressors it is essential for you to have your refrigeration equipment inspected and clean on regular basis. To ensure your refrigeration systems are completely maintained, the professional technician performs the following tasks:

  • Check the refrigerant and oil levels.
  •  Monitoring refrigeration system performance to minimize temperature losses.
  • Properly inspecting and lubricating crucial parts like – evaporator fan motors and condenser.
  • Checking ducts, refrigerant line insulation, Wiring, electrical components, and other connections
  • Cleaning drain lines, fans, condenser coils, fan blades, etc.
  • Monitoring the operation of the control system that including, defrosting controls, safety controls, thermometer settings, and pressure controls.
  • Checking seals of the doors, lubricating hinges, and gaskets.
  • Replacing components with new ones.

2.    Extended Lifespan of Equipment: Lack of adequate preventive maintenance can lead to a wide range of problems that will result in inefficient operation of the equipment. For example, clogged filters, dirty fan blades, dirty condenser oil, ice accumulation, etc., on the evaporator coil can force the compressor of the refrigerator to work harder than its capacity in order to provide you the desired cooling temperature. This over-exertion of the compressor will lead to premature wear and tear, system faults, and complete failure of the system. And all this will ultimately disrupt business operations. Additionally, a breakdown occurring at an inappropriate times like during weekends or at the night can lead to costly repair and losses due to spoilage. As we all know, energy costs associated with commercial refrigeration in Canterbury make up a vast portion of the company’s overhead expenses. So, regularly maintaining commercial systems allows business owners to conserve energy and save a lot on utility bills.
3.    Planned Maintenance Visits: As an owner or manager of the facility, you can easily forget about the maintenance visits. One of the advantages of professional maintenance services are they do their job according to a planned maintenance program, and they themselves keep track of the maintenance operation.