Water Geyser: Tips to Use Water Heater to reduce electricity bill
Water Geyser: Tips to Use Water Heater to reduce electricity bill
The main reason for this is the use of Electric Water Geyser, which is accountable for 30-40 percent of electricity bills. Click here to read more.

Tips to Use Water Geyser to reduce electricity bill

In winters, with the rising cold we also notice the rising use of electricity. The main reason for this is the use of Electric Water Geyser, which is accountable for 30-40 percent of electricity bills. 

But the Water Geyser becomes essential when the water feels like it is directly transported from Antarctica. These heaters keep you motivated to bathe every morning and in that biting cold.

Hence, I would not recommend discarding its use. All you need is a proper way to use a Water Geyser if you really want to reduce your electricity consumption.

What is a Water Geyser ?

Water Geyser is a water heating system that supplies warm or hot water for household chores, to make it easier to work in extreme cold weather.

This system is an appliance that is installed in a corner of your house at once and you get constant supply of hot water for years just through a tap, unlike the immersion rods that have a huge risk for daily use. 

Instant Geysers vs Storage Geysers

There are two types of Water Geysers - Instant and Storage Geysers

  • The main difference between the two is that a storage geyser requires more space due to the facility of an inbuilt water tank available unlike the instant geysers that are compact. 
  • As the name suggests, the hot water comes instantly as soon as the geyser is switched on while the Storage Geysers take 5 to 10 minutes to do the same depending on the size of the water tank.
  • For household works including washing kitchen utensils,hand washing, bathing using a bucket; instant geyser is preferred more whereas storage geyser is preferred for shower bath.

So, the choice between the two varies from person to person according to their household requirement. 

Gas Geyser :A replacement of Electric Geyser

  • An Electric Geyser consists of a water tank with 2 b for both cold and hot water. This works by the use of electricity. Where is the Gas Geysers used LPG [Liquid Petroleum Gas]
  • Electric Geysers are more power efficient due to which using them instead of a Gas Geyser hits hard to your electricity bills. 
  • Gas Geysers are comparatively more helpful if it's a large family.
  • Unlike Electric Geysers, they are easy to repair and would prove to be pocket-friendly. 

Though there are few conditions that you need to keep in mind if you hit the idea of replacing your Electric Geyser with a Gas Geyser.

Drawbacks of Gas Geysers

  • The main concern while using a gas related device is due to the safety purpose.
  • It requires extra space with cross ventilation for the LPG cylinder.
  • You may face the problem of replacing the gas heating burners in the gap of a few weeks.
  • It may release carbon monoxide which is considered harmful for lungs so needs to be ventilated immediately.

Electric Water Geyser - Geyser Electricity Consumption

How to reduce Water Geyser electricity consumption?

In case you don't prefer using a gas geyser then here's one more solution. Given below are few ways by which you can save electricity while using Electric Water Geyser:

  1. Use Accordingly

Try to use less amount of hot water as you do on a daily basis. Reduce the quantity of consumption.

  1. Work Smarter 

Avoid any distractions while working so you could have an account of how much water you have spent.

For example:

  • Wash several dishes together instead of just one at a time.
  • Bath using a bucket instead of long showers.
  1. Water Geyser Size

Choose the size that is not very big according to your family size. An oversized geyser may result in the wastage of the additional heated water.

    2.Ideal temparature for Water Geyser

Set your geyser to return an average temperature of 55°C as keeping it on a high temperature (70°C) would probably take more time and electricity to heat it up.


The Gas Geyser is a good replacement for an electric Water Geyser because it is three times faster and less efficient than an electric one. But due to some above mentioned reasons if not gas geysers, you can take some precautions within the Electric Geyser itself to reduce the consumption of electricity and make your bills reliable.


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