Best hemogram test in Pune-Indocare diagnostics
Best hemogram test in Pune-Indocare diagnostics
Haemogram additionally cited as complete blood count or complete haemogram check may be a cluster of checkperformed on a sample of blood. Haemogram is broad screening panel that checks for the presence of any diseases and infections within the body. Haemogram tests in the main the 3 elements of the blood specifically Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets.

The checks performed beneath these 3 classes embrace a good array of testnamely; Total WBC Count (TLC),Total red blood count (RBC), hemoglobin (HGB). Haematocrit (HCT), Mean Cell Volume (MCV), MeanCell hemoglobin (MCH), MeanCell hemoglobin Concentration(MCHC), platelets count, RDW-SD (RBC Distribution Width-Standard Deviation),Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils, PCV (Packed CellVolume), P/S (Peripheral Smear) Examination, , RDW-CV (RBC DistributionWidth-Coefficient Of Variation), PDW (Platelet Distribution Width), MPV (Mean platelet Volume), P-LCR (Platelet giant Cell Ratio), pct (Platelet Crit), Absolute Neutrophils Count, AbsoluteLymphocytes Count, Absolute Monocytes Count, Absolute Eosinophils Count,Absolute Basophils Count, And ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation Rate).

The main advantage of Haemogram check is that it detects the slightest of abnormality gift withinthe blood and offerscrucial data concerning the medical cause.
The haemogram check needs no specialpreparation and is conducted on a sample of blood. There square measurefew factors that may alter the check results then ought to be notifiedto the doctor. These factors square measureas follows;

Certain medications like diuretics, antibiotics, steroids, etc
Certain kindof allergies
High triglyceride level
Smoking, stress, vigorous exercise