What to avoid after a hair transplant for the best result
What to avoid after a hair transplant for the best result
Are you deciding to visit a hair transplant clinic in Dubai? After the transplant is done, check out what to avoid for a faster recovery.

In the traditional days, the only reference to hair transplant was enough to make everyone skip a bit. The lack of knowledge of the procedure gave rise to several misconceptions. But over the years, this issue is long gone with the development of technology. Now, hair transplant is considered one of the easiest and most effective methods that can be ever used. However, although booking a hair transplant clinic in Dubai is easy, maintaining it is not as simple. Let's check out the top things that need to be avoided after a transplant is done for better results. 

Strenuous activity 

Any strenuous activities need to be completely avoided after the transplant is done. It is asked for patients to refrain from exerting themselves physically. Thereby any exercise and running are not allowed during this phase. Exercise of any kind leads to increased sweating. After the transplant, this can increase the chances of infection if the scalp becomes oily from the sweat. It is best to have a proper discussion with the surgeon on the activities that can be done after the transplant. 

 Daily washing of hair 

Washing hair needs to be off the charts completely after the transplant is done. However, this does not mean you must completely avoid washing your hair. You can wash the hair with gentle hands after forty-eight hours. But it is advisable that the best way to maintain safety is by completely avoiding shampoo. When washing your scalp, make it a point that you are not in direct contact with water through the shower. Try using your hands to use the water on the scalp to avoid any reaction. 

Constant wearing of hat 

Many people often tend to wear hats regularly. In this case, it is crucial to avoid wearing any hats for at least three days straight. Even after three days, you can use loose fitting hats but not tight-fitting ones. Using a hat or tight hairstyle can pull out the newly grafted hairs completely. This will make the entire transplant process unsuccessful. Thereby, try not to use any hats after the transplant. 

Scratching scalp 

Most patients think that the result will be in front of them when the transplant is done. But, in reality, you need to have some patience and wait for the hair to grow on its own. Now, once the surgery is done, swelling of the scalp is a normal thing to occur. But excess swelling is something you need to be aware of. To keep the swelling minimum, keep the head in an elevated position. Now, during these first few days, there is also a chance to feel the scalp extremely itchy. But make it a point to avoid scratching the scalp in all possible ways to avoid infection. 

Lastly, ensure avoiding dying of hair completely after a hair transplant. So, now give yourself a new look with the best hair loss treatment in Dubai!

Author Bio: Carmella Parks is a blogger and a hair specialist at the same time. Here she shares some top things to avoid after getting a hair transplant from a hair transplant clinic in Dubai for maximum benefit.