We aim to be a classic Southern fried chicken franchise destination for folks across the country, and much of our potential is thanks to our fundamental principles.

This could be a promising moment to look into owning a Southern classic fried chicken franchise like The Red Chickz. Every day, more customers than ever crave the distinctive Nashville Hot flavors we deliver, and we’re ready to expand across the country to bring it to them.

The Red Chickz is a business with the tools to grow, and has a franchise model built for the future. We aim to be a classic Southern fried chicken franchise destination for folks across the country, and much of our potential is thanks to our fundamental principles.

To grow the brand, a modern franchise should start with a solid foundation.

  • Experienced leadership
  • A streamlined business model
  • A dedication to quality
  • Robust and ongoing owner support

This attention to the basics of business lets us focus on the things that matter, and gives us the direction and drive to build on our past.


What do potential franchise owners look for when they start researching brands?

There are lots of intangibles and personal preferences that go into a franchise search, but how much experience the senior staff has in the industry can be a deciding factor and a crucial box to check.

The Red Chickz’ founder Shawn Lalehzarian knows how to build a restaurant brand from his decades of time in the field.

Shawn has opened and/or operated food and beverage projects across North America for more than 20 years, and during that time, he developed a franchise model that works to cater to owners and deliver what customers want.

Having an experienced hand at the wheel can be an invaluable asset to a business. It can give a franchise stability, and inform every decision made at the top, whether minor or major.

And it’s one reason we’re excited to bring our Southern classic fried chicken franchise to new regions across the nation.


Before joining our Southern classic fried chicken franchise, future owners want to know that they’re part of a modern brand that looks to tomorrow and is always ready to move with the times. That starts with the way we do business.

The Red Chickz knows that today’s owners need a franchise model that’s designed to grow and adapt as new advances and developments come on the market. That sort of flexibility is crucial to growth, and is one of our bedrock principles.

We created a Southern classic fried chicken franchise that utilizes what works and keeps searching for new and better solutions to help make our owners’ lives easier.

We do the prep work to get every new franchise up and serving customers as soon as possible, and our tech tools incorporate future growth into the system, to make expansion easier.

The Red Chickz aims to make our franchise as ready to grow as the owners we work with. It makes us a brand to watch, and a potential industry leader.


Quick-service dining in the U.S. has come a long way in a relatively short time, with much more attention paid nowadays to the ingredients that go into the meals.

An increasing attention to individual health, and a rising recognition of the part that diet plays in maintaining it, has shone a new spotlight on the quality behind the product.

The Red Chickz understands how essential ingredient quality can be to attracting and retaining loyal customers. We built our supply chain from the ground up to meet that demand.

Each meal we prepare is made fresh to order, and they start with all-natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free, always fresh chicken.

Every chicken undergoes extensive quality-control checks at various points during the preparation and cooking process to help ensure they meet our exacting standards for quality.

We take the same care with all of our ingredients. It lets our guests enjoy the meals we serve, knowing we’re a Southern classic fried chicken franchise that’s working to deliver them the best available dishes and won’t compromise on quality.


If you were to ask a cross-section of franchise owners which feature they value most in their brand, many of them would likely place robust owner support from the franchise at or near the top of their lists.

Having franchise support behind them can help owners in countless ways, and give them the bedrock they need to look toward growth and expansion.

The Red Chickz makes owner support one of our key principles. We center our Southern classic fried chicken franchise on our owners, and work to hand them the tools to deliver great meals and fantastic guest experiences.

Our franchise owners get the benefit of our experience, and receive help with build-out, training on our state-of-the-art equipment and management systems, and much more. They become part of our franchise family, and get treated as such.

We’re there to help our owners open their doors and get started, and that’s just the start. We’ll be there to support them whenever they need a hand. We’ve got their backs, and they know it.


The Red Chickz is ready to grow, and we’ve got the tools to lead the way.

We’ve got a leadership team with the experience to help shape our future, a business model built for speed and efficiency, a focus on quality, and an approach that prioritizes owner support. It’s helped us build a loyal customer base of satisfied guests.

Now, The Red Chickz is ready to bring our Southern classic fried chicken franchise to towns across the country. We’re looking for motivated, dedicated prospective owners to come with us.

Want to find out more? Contact us today, and start your journey toward franchise ownership!