Planning To Build A Bitcoin Exchange Like Localbitcoins?
Planning To Build A Bitcoin Exchange Like Localbitcoins?
A localbitcoins clone script is a set of functional programming codes build with advanced techy languages like PHP, javascript and Meanstack framework.

Using localbitcoins escrow script you can set up your bitcoin exchange like localbitcoins.

Planning To Build A Bitcoin Exchange Like Localbitcoins?


Simple! You need to create a bitcoin exchange website like But, Don't know how to start a peer to peer bitcoin exchange? Here is Readymade Localbitcoin clone PHP script.

What is the localbitcoins clone Php script?  

A localbitcoins clone script is a set of functional programming codes build with advanced techy languages like PHP, javascript and Meanstack framework.

Using localbitcoins escrow script you can set up your bitcoin exchange like localbitcoins.

What is the reason to build a bitcoin exchange like Local Bitcoins Website?  

It has been branded on the worldwide and traders are increasing day by day.

The are no limits for buying or selling bitcoins.

The payment options are Paypal, Wire transfer, SEPA, Neteller, MoneyGram, Skrill, Cash deposits, Payoneer Payza, Western union.

LocalBitcoins are available in 248 countries across the globe.

In local bitcoin Transactions to wallets is free of charge.

In case, you send Bitcoins outside of LocalBitcoins, you will only be charged by the Bitcoin network fee.

The trader has a reputation rank and history records of trading.

The escrow service helps the trader from spammers.

Example: The Bitcoins are released only after the seller confirms the trade is completed. If you do not receive a bitcoins, just make dispute resolutions.

A competitive fee structure for all users 1% fee for every transaction.

The is B2B industries are providing local bitcoin script with escrow application. So, you want to find the best service providers to work with, try these four techniques.

  • Get a demo from various bitcoin exchange script service providers company.

  • Check out the clone script fulfills all your needs and requirements because it is your revenue gaining business

  • Keep a keen eye in the compare the pricing factors, the customization method, how long they are providing these services in industries.

  • Make a decision when you are ready to work with them.

Just connect with sellbitbuy to build an innovative cryptocurrency exchange website.

Sellbitbuy is a cryptocurrency exchange clone development company more than 5+ years ago. We developed a lot of clone projects for thousands of entrepreneurs.


You Expect This Kind Of Features In Our Localbitcoins Trading Clone Script  

1. Online trade:

Trade can be done online without you ever meeting your trading partner and bitcoin escrow will be automatically enabled.

2. Local trade bitcoins:

Meet your trade partner directly in any particular local place for local trade and exchange the bitcoins for fiat currency also.

3. Dispute resolution:

The dispute can be opened by the buyer if the seller does not release bitcoins. This resolution system is handled by the admin of the website securely.

4. Multi-sig escrow wallet:

Secure multi-signature bitcoin wallet for users to store bitcoins. It uses multisig bitcoin address for storing in the website.

5. Search location:

Users can find the trades in location-based. They can do the trade even in the local region based on their country.

6. Escrow panel option:

Bitcoin Escrow will be enabled for sellers once trade activated and its mainly for buyer protection. This panel supports both the user-end and exchange admin.

7. Two-factor authentication:

The user can be enabled mobile-based authentication to secure their accounts. It adds the protection layer to secure the wallet.

8. Multilanguage System

You can get different types of traders from a different country through this multilanguage support.

9. Feedback system

You can collect the good reviews from the user's it will help to grow your peer to peer bitcoin exchange reputations easily.

10. File uploading (accept: png, jpg, and pdf, mp3, mp4)

Your trader can upload all types of images, files, and videos, voice messages without any errors.

11. AML/KYC verification method

Localbitcoins clone script comes through a complete solution for KYC & AML that includes ID verification, reporting, and re-submission management.

Extra Features You Can Get From The Localbitcoins Clone Website In Cost-Effective Manner  

Mobile Trading Application

Bitcoin Wallet integrations

Security Token Listing

Liquidity API

Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency Price  API

We Can Develop A Local Bitcoin Clone Script Through This Technology Stacks

  • PHP Crypto Exchange Development

  • Mean stack Bitcoin Exchange Development

  • ASP.Net Cryptocurrency Trading Development

  • Python Altcoin Exchange Development

  • Java Digital assets Exchange Development

And more...

You can choose any type of technology to build your bitcoin exchange website like localbitcoins.

After launching your exchange website we are here to help you with one more service

Simple, you can hire our digital marketing team to increase your website ranking globally to reach the brand effectively.

Now I think you have an idea to start your bitcoin exchange platform like LocalBitcoins?

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