How to Conclude Cause and Effect Essay? An Ultimate Guide - 2022
How to Conclude Cause and Effect Essay? An Ultimate Guide - 2022
Have trouble writing a conclusion? Yeah, I get it. For most people, conclusions come easily. But not when you have no idea what to write in it.

Have trouble writing a conclusion? Yeah, I get it. For most people, conclusions come easily. But not when you have no idea what to write in it.

When I started to write, I had no idea how to conclude an essay. Let alone a cause and effect essay. This caused me a lot of trouble until I slowly but surely picked up the tips and tricks that would help me.

And here I am, willing to share those tips with you. These tips are used by  "" services that you must have come across online. What I mean to say is that professionals use these tricks.

So, pay attention.

 Go Back to the Beginning

The best way to write an ending is to have a look at the beginning i.e, the introduction.

Have a look at how the essay was started. The hook, the context. Make sure that your conclusion is linked to the introduction so that they form a closed loop.

The conclusion should reflect the introduction And you can also get help from my essay writer service to help you to write an introduction


Have a Look at the Thesis

This is the most important bit that you cannot forget. In your concluding paragraph, you will have to restate your thesis.

So, you will have to know exactly what your thesis is. The cause that you are presenting and the effects that you will outline.

Make sure that you don’t end up changing anything. Even accidentally.

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After you have restated the thesis, the next step is to summarize your entire paper.

And yes, this is super hard.

You won’t even know what to write and what not to write. The key here is to just mention your arguments. Mention the problem and the effects.

Do not mention the evidence which you have given in the body paragraphs. 

Use the Same Structure as the Paper

The best way to summarize your essay is to use the same structure as the one in your paper.

So, first, mention the thesis. Then the cause. Then its effect. And then its effect. And so on until your paper is summarized.

Following the same structure will give your conclusion a consistency that will help make it unique.

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 Make a Bigger Point

Ok, so, yes your thesis addresses a problem. But why should we care? Honestly, everyone has their own problems to deal with. And there are so many problems in the world to consider.

So, why is your specific problem so important?

You need to address this in your conclusion but don’t give it too much space. Just address this in one sentence.

 Call for Action

So, you showed your audience a cause and you have told them all about its effects.

But what to do about it? Surely there must be some solution.

And in order to implement that solution, you need a call for action. You can say that global warming can be slowed down by decreasing our carbon footprint. 

That’s a call for action.

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This will be the last sentence of your conclusion where you reflect upon the problem presented in your essay.

This is just a customary statement that you will use to end the essay in a proper manner.

You can say that the world will be doomed without a call to action against global warming or something similar. 

That’s all I’ve got on conclusions.

I am afraid I can’t help more than this. So, if you are still confused, you should get some help from an online paper writing service. These services can be of help as they can teach you how to write anything.

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