Common Mistakes made by Students in MLA Style In 2022
Common Mistakes made by Students in MLA Style In 2022
Academic writing has never been the easiest thing in the world to do. As students move from high school to college it gets even scarier. In college students are not only required to create high-quality academic essays and research papers but also need to follow standard formatting and citation rules.

Academic writing has never been the easiest thing in the world to do. As students move from high school to college it gets even scarier. In college students are not only required to create high-quality academic essays and research papers but also need to follow standard formatting and citation rules. If you take a look at the rubrics of your essay assignment, you will find out that formatting carries some exclusive points. If you fail to follow the rules of the said formatting standard, you will lose those points.

Many students struggle with essay writing. Therefore, they tend to hire an expert essay writer online to help them save their grades. These writing services provide professionally written essays according to shared rubrics. Their writers have years of experience and therefore, make no mistake in the formatting of the essays.

Writing an MLA-formatted essay has never been easy for many college students. No matter how much they try, they always end up making several formatting mistakes. They are too embarrassed to ask someone to write my essay. While being self-dependent is a good quality sometimes it can be counterproductive, you can fail your essay assignment and fall short of an A grade.

Therefore, if you are struggling to follow the MLA format in your essays, you should take a look at some common mistakes. You can look at your previous MLA-style essay or research papers and note the formatting mistakes that you are repeating over and over again. Most of the time students are repeating mistakes unconsciously because they believe that they believe that their way is the right way to do it. Take at the following list of the common mistakes made by students in MLA format and avoid repeating them in your next MLA-styled assignment.

Follow these guidelines to finish your schoolwork in a timely manner. Then, if you are overworked and don't have time to do your homework on time, you can turn to service websites for assistance with your academic projects.

Improper use of fonts

Knowing where to use bold or italics is pretty confusing and many students make this mistake unknowingly. This might seem like an insignificant mistake but many teachers deduct points because of such petty mistakes.

Confusion between citation and references

Even professional authors often struggle with these terms. Well, it is quite simple. Citations are the source information i.e. last name in MLA style that is provided in the body of the text. On the other hand, references are given at the end of the paper for every citation used in the body of the essay.

  •         A huge mistake in MLA format is that students name the last page with information of the sources as “References” while it is called “Work Cited” instead.
  •         Some students even leave out the citations completely. This might be ignored by your high school instructors but in college, this might get you a failing grade.
  •         Most of the students do not keep their citations in alphabetical order and others do it according to their first name while it is supposed to be done according to their last name.

Justified text

While the justified text might make your essay formatting look more polished y but is against the MLA format rules. The whole content of your paper must be aligned left except the title which is centered.

Failing to place the page number in the upper right corner

While some students wrongly place the page number in the footer, others place it in the left corner in the header. In MLA format, the page number is placed in the right corner in the header. It is preceded by the last name of the writer.

Failing to double space the text

When teachers mention the number of pages instead of the word count many students try to increase and try to fill pages by using a line spacing greater than 2. This might increase their page count but they end up committing a cardinal MLA formatting mistake. They not only lose grades for formatting but also for the lesser content. If you are still confused you can also consult a professional my essay writer service online.


Most political science writings tend to examine political scenarios describing how they are and what should be done to improve them. Political science essays need a lot of in-depth analysis as they are based on a certain agenda. Students need to utilize their critical thinking skills to examine past and present political changes. For writing a short essay in political science, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the structure of an essay's formatting. Go through this blog to know about political science essays. This sample blog is in MLA format.

There can be many topics for political science essays like a comparison of parliamentary and presidential systems.  For example: Critically evaluate that every nation has a right to self-determination and can make its state. Describe federalism and the justification that why it should be adopted to run the state. Also, highlight the problem posed by it for the states. Examine different interest groups in society and highlight their functions in society. Elaborate on the interest groups and also highlight their functions.

Consider some important points while writing a political science essay. Have a thorough reading of the prompt and pay attention to all parts of the assignment so that your time is not wasted. Differentiate between terms called directive terms like describe, compare, and explain as these have different meanings and are written differently. For writing an argumentative essay in political science, you need to claim a statement and then give a thesis statement for that. Each paragraph of your argumentative essay should be in the favor of your stance. If i need someone to write my essay for me then contact an expert essay writer they will be very helpful to you.

You have to give answers to all questions of the prompt. Give specific information and examples. During your search, jot down important points and make a list of sources that will be a part of your essays. This will make your search easier and when you will start writing you will have enough knowledge. One of the common citation styles used in political sciences is the MLA format. Besides this other formats can also be used.

If you are making an essay from a given reading then you have to use the same source as discussed in the class. But if your teacher wants you to explore further on the essay, then you need to search for outside sources to cite in your paper. If you get stuck in your work contact some online company. You can ask any writing company to help i need to write an essay from professional essay writers who have the skills to craft any kind of assignment whether it's a research paper or an essay. Have a look at the given points first. For making your essay more effective, consider the following structure, and use the MLA Format.


  • Introduction of an essay


In the introduction part, discuss your argument and the thesis statement. Discuss a literature review relevant to your essay.


  • Body paragraphs section


You can make as many paragraphs as you want. The number of paragraphs depends on the topic. Smoothly transition from one paragraph to the next. In body paragraphs, add a topic sentence and also supporting evidence. And lastly summarizes the topic sentence. Some students hire online essay writers to compose an essay for them, which they subsequently turn in on time. The charges depend on how much is an essay is.


  • Concluding the essay


In conclusion, you need to discuss your thesis statement and also give a summary of the complete essay. Also, discuss what to do next.

Lastly, if you are busy with your other assignments then contact an essay writing company. All essay writing companies provide high quality papers on time. These companies provide essay writer service that assists students to notch their assignments. Clients are amazed by the essay writing services of these companies. These companies can handle every subject. You can trust them to have your political essay in MLA format, you will love their services.




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