Best Dietician In India | Curb Your Food Craving
Best Dietician In India | Curb Your Food Craving
Keep yourself hydrated, Dehydration confuses the body and often makes us feel hungry

Each time you reach for something to eat to satiate your different moods- anger, fear, sadness, depression- it becomes emotional eating.

Beware of it as these comfort foods can be really bad. Food cravings could be due to emotional, hormonal, or biochemical reasons. A small number of cravings could be a result of food allergy or even nutritional deficiency.


How to reduce them:

• Have small and frequent meals .when we skip meals our blood sugar levels fall which results in food craving, overeating, and even binges.

Females should eat every 3-4hours while males can manage in 4-5hours. Researchers have shown that frequent eating helps in reducing food cravings associated with PMS[Pre Menstrual Syndrome] read more.