Meneur Chocolate || Grab The Exciting Deals
Meneur Chocolate || Grab The Exciting Deals
Are you looking for chocolate shops in Riyadh? We've always known that we wanted to provide a product that our consumers could rely on. The goal was to create a memorable experience for consumers to encourage them to spread the word about our business. With your support and encouragement, we then put together immense efforts to provide the best bakery items in our menu such as cakes, chocolates, pastries and citruses.

We received several honours and accolades along the road, all thanks to our tight-knit and dedicated crew. We've had a lot of people copy us since then, and we're happy about it. Meneur chocolate shop deliver uncounted orders every day. Since those days, our beliefs haven't altered, and we're continuing on our road to making it a valuable and trustworthy brand. Those that entrust us with their most significant events are the best. This is a massive responsibility for us, and we take it very seriously.


Business name- Meneur Chocolate مونور شوكولا 

Address- Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Riyadh 13521

Phone no- 055 510 3982 / 011 235 8678


Opening hours- Daily 1 PM–11 PM / Friday 4 PM–11 PM