Incorporating nutraceuticals in food and beverage processing
Incorporating nutraceuticals in food and beverage processing
Food Research Lab offers functional food and nutraceuticals product development service through which we can incorporate nutraceuticals into food products

Consumer understanding of foods’ health and nutritional benefits for boosting health and inhibiting disease drives the global market for nutraceuticals and functional foods. Consumers in this era understand the inevitability of sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. 


1.    What are the challenges and difficulties in  nutraceuticals in food and beverage processing

2.    What food research lab offers?

A widely adopted strategy by Food Research Lab is an encapsulation of a nutraceutical ingredient before adding it to food. Our formulation experts use it to overcome the challenges encountered when adding nutraceutical ingredients at an effective dosage without affecting the food’s sensory properties and storage stability.

 Our functional foods and nutraceutical product development service help you address all these aspects and develop food, beverage, and nutraceutical products.

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