Order Up Some Mexican Catering for National Taco Day
Order Up Some Mexican Catering for National Taco Day
October 4 is National Taco Day, so what better time to celebrate one of the most beloved national foods? In fact, tacos make a first-rate Mexican catering option for any business looking to reward the team or make any meeting or event just a little bit better. Plus, there are a variety of benefits to taco catering. Here’s what you should know.

There’s no question that the taco has come into its own. At this rate, Taco Tuesday might as well be an unofficial weekly holiday. In addition to being a beloved family food or party dish, tacos are an ideal choice for your business meetings and events. With National Taco Day coming up on October 4, this is the perfect time to find a Mexican catering option that gives you access to your area’s best tacos. And even if the holiday has passed, next Tuesday is another good time to order tacos for the team.

Tacos Are Available in a Delicious Variety

In addition to being delicious, variety is a significant part of the taco’s appeal. A taco bar allows your team members to build their perfect taco by choosing their perfect combination of shell and filling. That DIY meal option also means they can choose to eat as much or little as they like, which makes a taco bar a flexible, versatile option the whole team will love.

The Right Catering Gives You Options

While taco catering provides your team with variety, be sure you’re using a reliable lunch catering platform that also gives you different options. Tacos are available in a wide selection of different types and styles. In addition to a number of Mexican regional and traditional examples, like tacos de birria, there is a vibrant and delicious diversity of fusion tacos. Maybe your taco catering could feature an array of taco options, so the team can enjoy traditional and contemporary taco styles.

Done Right, Tacos Can Be Healthy and Balanced

Who says tacos need to be greasy or ‘unhealthy’? Traditional tacos are impressively healthy and balanced. They are made with fresh ingredients that boast a beneficial balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. A traditional taco is comprised of fresh vegetables, protein, and other toppings of choice in a corn tortilla. That combination is low-carb, keto-friendly, and is sure to satisfy a variety of appetites. Vegetarian and vegan team members can opt for a meatless taco, choosing beans as their protein or other meat substitute if available. If you want your team lunch to be inclusive for all diets, appetites, and preferences, it’s hard to go wrong with tacos.

Breakfast Tacos are a Tasty Way to Start the Day

It’s also worth remembering that tacos don’t have to just be a lunch option. Breakfast tacos are delicious and make a delicious morning entrée to start the day off right. Plus, breakfast tacos tend to be healthier than high-carb and high-sugar options like bagels, donuts, and cereal.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt that tacos are generally reasonably priced, especially compared to a number of other food options. With all of this in mind, it’s clear that tacos should be on the menu this upcoming October 4 or any Taco Tuesday after that.

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