Meneur Chocolate || Birthday cake in Riyadh
Meneur Chocolate || Birthday cake in Riyadh
A special day in your life requires a special cake. Meneur Chocolate can decorate any size cake, and we can even create custom cakes.

Meneur Chocolate || Best Cake shops in Riyadh

The Meneur Chocolate shop is the best for buying a birthday cake. We are very popular in the supply of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and themed cakes. We have experienced. The chefs who prepare the cake carefully and are guaranteed excellent taste and quality. Our store can offer you the best cakes at an affordable price.


Business name- Meneur Chocolate مونور شوكولا 

Address- Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Riyadh 13521

Phone no- 055 510 3982 / 011 235 8678


Opening hours- Daily 1 PM–11 PM / Friday 4 PM–11 PM