Buy Zaatar Powder Online in United State - Zeed Pantry
Buy Zaatar Powder Online in United State - Zeed Pantry
ZEED was launched with the promise to deliver the best Lebanese zaatar direct to American homes. ZeedPantry is the best online shopping platform in the USA from where you can buy zaatar online.


At a Los Angeles charity event in 2019, Sami Fuleihan and Rob Shalhoub crossed paths as volunteers. The boys grew close over their appreciation of Lebanese cuisine and wine as soon as they realised they had a common ancestor.

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A few weeks later, Sami invited Rob to sample his family's traditional za'atar blend after receiving a gift from Lebanon. Because of the apparent quality and freshness, Rob's initial thought was, "How much would it cost to transport more of this za'atar to Los Angeles?" Naturally, the answer to one question led to another, and soon the concept for ZEED was created.

Zaatar is a savoury Middle Eastern spice mixture that is used in numerous meals around the Middle East. Like curry, ZAATAR differs depending on where you go.

Sami and Rob are proud to carry on their respective families' traditions in farming and artisanal crafts through ZEED, which is the modern interpretation of age-old Lebanese customs. Sami's family has long been engaged in organic farming and the manufacturing of cold-pressed olive oil in Baasir. Rob's ancestors made customary soap from olive oil in Douma. Because of this, we have decided to use an insignia to represent ZEED that shows our roots and leaves, our past and our future.

Za'atar is a Levantine spice mixture that usually consists of dried thyme, oregano, toasted sesame seeds, sumac, Lebanese infused olive oil, and salt. It adds a savoury and earthy flavour to a variety of foods .

Since antiquity, the question of what produces the best za'atar blend has been highly contested, and it seems that each Middle Eastern family treasures its own traditional blend. Its preparation varies from nation to nation, village to village, and even household to household, with some adding intriguing spices like marjoram, coriander, crushed walnuts, aleppo pepper, or other regional flavours.

While pre-mixed za'atar can be found in some grocery stores, creating your own at home is simple, or you can buy za'atar online . How much flavour is included in such a straightforward blend may surprise you: Oregano offers a light sharpness, sumac contributes a citrus taste, and sesame seeds bring nuttiness. Making your own has the advantage that you can play around with different quantities until you find the ideal house blend. Once you've prepared a batch, add it to bread, dips, meat, vegetables, grains, potatoes, pasta, soups, and sauces. You'll be astonished at how much za'atar can improve practically any savoury dish.


Fish with rice:

The warm spices of the Mediterranean, the sweet caramelised onions, and the perfectly cooked fish pieces all come together in this classic dish. It's a unique dish constructed with readily available ingredients.

Lahmajun (Lebanese Pizza):

All of your childhood memories are brought back by the beef on the shortbread. You would prepare it every other Sunday thanks to its distinctly excellent scent and insanely simple preparation. This is how you create Lahmajun.


A delicious fusion of meat, yoghurt, and spices in one ball. When these spices are paired with meat, the yoghurt will smooth out their edges. It is absolute paradise. This is how you do it.

The Quickest Barbecue Shrimp

This is the dish for you if you enjoy shrimp. This recipe works anywhere, whether you want to serve it as a starter or a main dish. Due to the shrimp's succulent texture and the grill's char, no skewers will be left behind. This is how you do it.

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