5 Ways to Take Your Relationship with Coffee to the Next Level
5 Ways to Take Your Relationship with Coffee to the Next Level
It’s time to take your relationship with coffee to the next level. Thankfully, there are several simple ways to do so. For starters, you might want to order coffee online from an independent third wave coffee roaster. Next, see if they offer a coffee subscription and gather your preferred home brew gear so you can work on crafting an exceptional cup you can sit back and enjoy.

In the past few decades, the coffee industry has been changed by a group of coffee roasters dedicated to elevating the coffee industry and coffee itself—the third wave coffee movement. They believed in paying smallholder farmers what their premium coffee was actually worth, which was well above fair trade minimums. They also believed in treating coffee as a fine, artisanal food product to be savored, like gourmet food and fine wine. Rare as they now are, some of those pioneering, independently owned third wave coffee roasters still exist. In fact, you can (and should) order coffee online from them. It’s the first step in taking your relationship with coffee to the next level.

Choose Premium, Small-Batch Artisanal Coffee

In addition to supporting a more conscientious and sustainable coffee industry, ordering from a third wave coffee roaster provides a significant benefit. Small-batch artisanal coffee from an independent third wave coffee roaster is among the most flavorful out there. That’s thanks to the skill of their roasters, who carefully roast each batch to bring out the best flavor profile of the coffee, so you get a cup with superb tasting notes. But be warned—after experiencing everything coffee can be through premium single origin coffees and blends, going back will be difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Order Your Coffee Online

Unless you are lucky enough to live near an independently owned third wave coffee roaster’s cafe, you’ll have to order your coffee online. That is a good thing for your coffee relationship! For one, you can enjoy the convenience of coffee delivery from a roaster that you know is supplying you with world-class artisanal coffee every time.

Pick Up a Coffee Subscription

Next, do yourself a favor and pick up a coffee subscription. The best third wave coffee roaster will be able to set up subscriptions for single origin varieties and blends. You should be able to specify the amount you want, the frequency of delivery, and your preferred type of grind.

Though it’s not something many have taken the time to create, if you’re lucky enough to shop with an online coffee roaster that offers a coffee calculator, stick with them. This innovative and invaluable tool can be used to fine-tune exactly how much coffee you need for your subscription and how often, so you stay fully stocked. Incidentally, a coffee subscription gift is a sure-fire winner for another coffee lover in your life.

Get the Gear for Home Brewing

Put in the work for your relationship by buying the equipment you need for home brewing. Get a grinder, quality filters (if necessary), and pour over or French press gear. Determine the best type of grind for your brew method and experiment with water-to-coffee ratios to discover what works best for you.

Give Yourself Time to Enjoy It

Nurturing a richer relationship with coffee will probably require spending more time with it. Every coffee experience benefits when you take the time to savor and appreciate what’s in your cup. That is especially true when you’re drinking some of the most exceptional small-batch coffee available. Premium, specialty coffee deserves to be reveled in like any gourmet meal or glass of fine wine. Set aside a little time in the morning, or whenever, to luxuriate in your newfound relationship with delicious, home-brewed artisanal coffee.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

In 2007, Verve Coffee Roasters was founded by Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr, two longtime friends with a shared passion for coffee. Since then, the mission of Verve Coffee Roasters has remained the same: to provide world-class, premium coffee while ensuring that every part of the process is as ethical as possible. To do so, their buying model involves forging direct trade relationships with smallholder coffee farmers around the world. To explore their selection of premium coffee, take the Verve Coffee Roasters coffee quiz and use the new coffee filtering tool on the site to view your preferred coffee type, roast level, and more. You can also use the Verve Coffee Roasters Coffee Calculator to ensure you always have the perfect amount of exceptional, fresh, small-batch coffee on hand. Take your coffee experience to a new level with a Verve Coffee Roasters artisanal coffee subscription.

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