Get to know about the ICO Marketing Strategy
Get to know about the ICO Marketing Strategy
In this article, you’re about to learn how to create and implement a working ICO marketing strategy, step-by-step.


I’ve marketed around five ICO projects since 2019. Let me share my experience working with the projects. 


What is an ICO marketing strategy?


An ICO marketing strategy is a gamut of activities designed to spread the word about ICO projects. It has a list of steps and ICO-targeted marketing goals. 


Having a marketing strategy is quintessential as it will help you organize marketing channels to achieve your goals.


Create An ICO marketing strategy


1 Specify Marketing Goals


The first step in contriving an ICO marketing strategy is to specify your campaign goals, which are measurable. Everything in an ICO marketing campaign can be measured (from beginning to end), so take advantage of this and create a marketing plan with defined milestones and targets.


2 Understand Investors’ Needs


Once you know the target investor group of your project, the next step is to understand their investment preferences and needs. Search queries express investors’ needs with search intent and keyword preferences. You should tap into investors’ investment portfolio to understand their investment habits. How though, you may wonder?


Try to identify their websites (if they have any!) and scour through them to analyze the portfolios. 


3 Start with SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one the effective ICO marketing channels. A better ICO marketing strategy is to allocate a portion of your marketing budget to the SEO campaign.




An ICO marketing strategy is a detailed plan that explains how to use numerous marketing channels to promote your ICO project.


If you’re struggling to get started, hire a full-service ICO marketing agency to get it done for you!