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All about Employee Self Service:

A small business owner deals with plentiful tasks every day. Most of the time, it becomes difficult to streamline such tasks and reduce his work. There are numerous tasks in different departments that need perfect handling and reliable employees to work upon. Essentially, the Human Resource department has endless responsibilities to perform like the employee payroll, attendance management, leave management, update their personal information, etc. These time consuming and tedious tasks can be streamlined by the employee self service system.

An ess can help a company concentrate on other tasks apart from managing the regular responsibilities related to employees of the organization. With the help of this simple online software, employees will not worry the human resource department for the payroll-related questions and duties. This will save time for employees and the HR managers. Also, a business can effectively manage its ess portal and allow employees edit, update and have access to their documentation. In short, the things your employees will be accessible through employee self-service (ESS) system depends on what you and your software allow. Similarly, a payroll self service system is a part of your Employee Self-Service system that allows access to the employees through login details to edit and update their personal details.

The different types of tasks managed by an ESS Portal are mentioned below:

Your employees can effectively manage their leave submissions, leave approvals, view their salary slip, conveyance and travel vouchers, training and development requests identification, etc.

Your Employee Appraisal Management can be easily handled by ESS.

A centralized employee self service portal, will help your employees to view and download the updated version of essential information like Induction Manual, Service Rules, Policies of Company, Medical Reimbursement Guidelines, etc.

Hosting frequently referred documents like Sales Manual, (SOPs) Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, etc.

Your staff will be able to easily submit Time Sheets online.

You can share knowledge like Projects Data and Sales Literature, swiftly among your employees.

Your expenses and Business travel can be managed.

You can create and assign tasks for employees and manage them effectually.

What is the importance of Employee Self-Service for the employees and the employers?

Apart from the above-mentioned tasks controlled, an ESS system can work more. Modifying employee’s personal details might seem a small thing but it demonstrates that a company can trust employees for they can straightforwardly manage their own bookkeeping. This allows employees to have greater controls which will also enhance their morale. Irrespective of time and location, these systems can be used helping the employees to make immediate changes from an internet

For the employers, ESS automates HR department’s duties by having least staff to work on different tasks. The systems are easier to use and adaptable, which is perfect for companies that desire to experience better and make difference with the implementation of employee self-service instantly.

ESS enables necessary updates swiftly that saves time and avoid complications disturbing essential tax information, paychecks, etc. being delivered to the wrong address just because the information could not be modified quickly.

Therefore, ESS is a proved reliable system that technically assists organizations to improve their productivity. It is a standard alternative for several products since it is easy and convenient. Different businesses need customized management systems and for this, we offer you the most reliable option. With continuous changes in the organizational goals and objectives, our strong developed systems assure success with more benefits today, tomorrow, and coming years.