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THS-A Premium Quality Online Bedsheets Store -The Home Store
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We spend most of our time at work or in the bedroom, and having a different place to work and relax is the key to a happy life. In this blog post, we'll focus on five simple things you can do to decorate or add a little vibrancy to your bedroom.

We like to buy staples in basic neutrals, then swap out accessories to completely change the look of our space. We mean furniture, sheets, and expensive items that are not often changed by pins. Cushions, wall art, and curiosities are accessories people can occasionally mix, match and change.

We always recommend setting your foundation with a neutral color like white, cream, grey, or beige and then adding some color to liven things up. You can choose to use the same range of colors, such as shades of blue or shades of green. You can choose complementary colors like orange and pink or contrasting colors like blue and orange. Check out the different color schemes online and select the one that works best for you.