How Much Do You Know about Wholesale Jewelry?
How Much Do You Know about Wholesale Jewelry?
Here is an introduction to wholesale jewelry.

 Buying jewelry is a very everyday thing for people. Buying jewelry is always a hot topic, especially for women. Expensive jewelry can be worth thousands of dollars, but have you ever thought that it can even be sold for just 235 USD for 1 Kg?

That is what I want to introduce to you about, a new sales model of jewelry——Wholesale Jewelry.

 You may not be familiar with wholesale jewelry so I will explain it to you first.

 What is wholesale jewelry?

  •  The concept of wholesale

The sale of goods or services to customers who have purchased the goods for resale or the purpose of business use. It was produced with the development of the commodity economy.

l        How to understand wholesale jewelry sold by the kilo?

Just as its name implies, customers can buy a large quantity of jewelry through wholesale jewelry stores with the cheapest retail prices than other stores. Because of the amount of production, a piece of jewelry even can cost less than one dollar!

Jewelry comes in various styles according to weight, each with a different profit margin. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the profit rate most reasonably. You can buy some jewelry in the market and weigh them according to the price quoted.

The market here refers more to the online store. By browsing jewelry products and adding them to the shopping cart, you can buy the jewelry you want at a low price after meeting the requirement of buying according to catty

l  Why did wholesale sales become more and more popular?

Actually, in the past few years, wholesale sales have been hit by the market. The lack of smooth flow of international trade and factory shutdowns have hit wholesale sales hard.

For some small businesses, it is not very profitable, but there still are popular, especially in China. It is attractive from both sides.

 Lower cost prices attract manufacturers

Most manufacturers hate to produce those goods with high-cost prices, a relatively long time, and a lot of human input. Unless you order JEWELRY in an expensive custom fashion, it is difficult to find a suitable manufacturer to produce less expensive jewelry.

Mass assembly line production, for manufacturers, is one of the most convenient and most guaranteed means of income.

 Lower cost prices attract people

Random and abundant jewelry, for most shoppers, is a frugal way to spend. Satisfy your shopping desire with minimal expenditure. If you can get better quality jewelry, it will surprise customers more.

 Small businesses actively cater to new trade patterns

Small businesses tend to have low investment, and the injection of capital could not be better invested in wholesale production. Without hemorrhaging money, small businesses are better positioned in the market. So they can develop steadily through changeable Internet marketing.

Live streaming platforms (such as Tiktok) promoting goods, Internet celebrities promoting goods, etc., have become a very popular marketing mode. Through network traffic acquisition and capturing customer attention, wholesale sales better build their brand. And it is easier to follow fashion trends.


Why did I choose wholesale jewelry?

Let me answer it for you:

l  My experience

As a big fan of jewelry, I wear different styles of jewelry almost every holiday. I used to like to go to offline jewelry stores and pick them out. But expensive jewelry is neither common nor practical for me. What I need is inexpensive but distinctive jewelry.

For me, it was by accident that I first learned about the so-called wholesale sales through the introduction of my friends. At first, I couldn't believe it. How could you buy cheap jewelry at a low price?

Then my friend recommended I go to Amazon and other platforms to find wholesale jewelry, which let me find that wholesale jewelry is not as bad as I thought.

l  How to find your favorite store?

I have also bought inferior products from some online stores. Here is my suggestion:

Using Google to search stores is often too hard to find your favorite store because there are too many choices. You can use these platforms like Quora, and Reddit to ask something about perfect wholesale jewelry stores.

At the same time, we should pay attention to identifying regular products with quality assurance, to avoid buying bad jewelry which easily broken.

In this way, I searched a lot of online stores to choose my favorite jewelry, but I often found the style that was not suitable for me. Until I found a store that is worthy to introduce to you: wholesale jewelry kg. It is an online store through wholesale jewelry sold by the kilo.

l  Why did I choose this online store?

This online store has a complete selection of almost all styles of jewelry: Choker, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, hair accessories, and key chains. you can buy different types at the same time without browsing other stores repeatedly.

It's also very important for me to change styles frequently. The jewelry they sell is versatile and suitable for people with different skin types. They can often pick different styles of jewelry and mix them up to sell.

l  What are the advantages of wholesale jewelry kg?

Independent package

All of their wholesale jewelry sold by the kilo are packaged independently, not Bulk Jewelry in the market.

All kinds of style

They have a rich product line, and diversified product styles per kilogram, suitable for self-use or wholesale sales.

Promotion code

They offer promo codes(UZNSAKXK) to your customers to buy the most satisfying jewelry at the cheapest price

Good quality

The products they sell are from jewelry factories, which sell them in packages at low prices for a quick return of cash, or some products of broken contracts. Therefore, products are not inferior products, each product has integrity.


Every purchase is full of surprises. A buyer can even wish for her chosen product to be included in a catty package.


You will also have a more accurate understanding of wholesale jewelry than through these introductions! Instead of buying expensive jewelry on the installment plan, maybe you can get more pleasure out of buying jewelry wholesale. Try new things to satisfy your shopping cravings!