Best Practices For Blogging
Best Practices For Blogging
How to Market Your Blog to Make It More Profitable How to Market Your Blog to Make It More Profitable

Blogging is a great way to attract steady streams of long- and short-term traffic to your webpage.  When you post insightful blog entries on a regular basis, you can develop a following of dedicated readers who will frequent your page.  However, many bloggers alienate readers by making simple mistakes or fail to attract readers at all.  Below you'll find some Blogging Best Practices that will help you improve the effectiveness of your blog as a traffic-generating tool.


Tip 1: Don't be stingy with your outbound links!


Many people hesitate to link to other sites because they fear that the links will become "leaks" that suck visitors away from their page. This is a mistake. Posting links to high quality, relevant sites is important. When you direct your readers to other valuable resources on the Web, they'll remember that you provided them with good information and come back for more.  Try linking to other blogs, news articles, social media postings and profiles, and other hot topics in your industry for best results.


Tip 2: Emphasize both quality and quantity.


The majority of new bloggers get confused by the importance of quality versus quantity, resulting in one of two things: tons of how did mr krabs die  posts that no one wants to read, or great insightful posts that on appear once in a blue moon. Readers want good content on a regular basis; you must balance quality and quantity for the best results.


Tip 3: Promote your blog using social media tools.


Social bookmarking and networking sites are a great way to get more readers to your page. Try using Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Technorati, Netscape and other Web 2.0 applications to attract more traffic.