20 Best Photography Competitions To Enter in 2022
20 Best Photography Competitions To Enter in 2022
To have a successful professional career, photography competitions are crucial. Finding the appropriate ones, be ready to win, and figuring out how to apply might be challenging, though. But don't be concerned! To aid you with the application procedure, we've compiled a comprehensive list of photo contests and useful advice. For more information, keep reading!

20 Best Photography Competitions To Enter in 2022

To have a successful professional career, photography competitions are crucial. Finding the appropriate ones, being ready to win, and figuring out how to apply might be challenging, though. But don't be concerned! To aid you with the application procedure, we've compiled a comprehensive list of photo contests and useful advice. For more information, keep reading!


Why is it Crucial To Enter Photography Competitions?

There are a lot of good reasons to do this. It inspires you to produce something original and unique in the first place. As you presumably well know, it may be challenging to remain motivated and productive when no outside influences are present. Contests for photos might serve that purpose for you.


Second, it's a chance to exhibit your work in front of an audience that may appreciate it and offer insightful criticism. Of course, it's also an opportunity for you to promote your portfolio, forge new relationships, network with other creatives, and perhaps even attract new clients.


Thirdly, there's a chance to win money, which you might use to buy new equipment for your business, photo editing software, or perhaps a trip to a fascinating place. Although it shouldn't be your main motivation, money is nevertheless significant.


Finally, entering photo contests may help you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, try something new, learn from the work of others, and generate fresh ideas. As you can see, photography competitions provide a wide range of benefits and chances.



Which Photography Competitions are The Finest in 2022?

One of the most well-known photography competitions in the world is called World Press Photo. They no longer accept contributions, which is unfortunate, but there are a lot of others that are worthwhile of your time and work. We've made a lengthy list and broken it down into many sections. This manual should be able to assist you.


1. International Photo Awards

Everyone is welcome to take part in this particular contest. Its principal objective is to support and foster innovation on a global scale. There are two options: people and the natural world. The Global Photo Awards look like an excellent place to start learning about photography, get insightful criticism, and perhaps even discover a group of like-minded individuals.


2. Nd Awards

One of the most esteemed photography competitions is now the ND Awards. And although many experts engage in it, everybody is welcome. There are many other categories, including fine art, underwater photography, reportage, and many more. Additionally, ND Awards offers a variety of titles and money awards.


3. The IPA Photography Contest

For aspiring photographers, this is another important competition. This is the ideal moment to draw attention to your portfolio if you're seeking one. The IPA Photography Competition consistently attracts a large number of brilliant and imaginative entries. Participants can submit their images in 13 different categories, and they can be amateurs, professionals, or students.


4. Grant For Photographic Museum

This program aims to promote visual storytelling and provide assistance to artists. You are free to select the subject that most interests you as there is no set one. The criterion is to submit one or more series of between 5 and 20 images. The rare opportunity to have a solo show in addition to winning a cash reward is the highlight of the PHmuseum Photography Grant.


Competitions For Free Photography

5. The Prix Virginia: A Global Award For Female Documentary Photographers

The Prix Virginia was the first photography competition for women alone when it was established in 2012, ten years ago. Every two years, it occurs, and 2022 is no different. You must submit 12 to 18 images of any subject you're interested in to join. You must also compose a letter outlining the project's purpose and the creative process you used to come up with it.


6. Gaia Photo Fest

Italy hosts the Gaia Festival as a cultural gathering. Typically, it involves learning about various locales, inhabitants, cuisine, and customs related to them. The Gaia Photo Fest is a component of it. The subject is "Food and Territory: Iconography of an Indissoluble Relationship." And the plan is to investigate this important connection and document it in images. You may submit a single shot or a whole series.


7. Allard Photography Contest

If you are active in photojournalism and are interested in difficult themes like corruption, consider this choice. Through photography, the goal is to advance the rule of law, responsibility, openness, and human rights. Allard Photography Competition organizers invite photographers to enter their work all year long even though the competition only happens every two years.


Renowned Photography Competitions

8. MUSE Photography Prizes

The purpose of this competition is to investigate and recognize the effect and power of photography. Consider submitting some of your work for the MUSE Photography Awards if you're up for a creative challenge. There are several categories, including mobile, fine art, journalistic, commercial, and more. By the way, this contest contains a category titled COVID-19 Related Photography if you're interested in photographing the epidemic.


9 . Belfast Photo Festival

The Belfast Photo Festival, a significant annual photography event, allows participants to submit not just photographs but also photobooks that could be displayed there. There are no limitations on the theme, so you can pick whatever you like most.


Black-and-White Images

10. Awards for Monochrome

Black and white photography, which is more prevalent today, is honored in this specific competition.


The Monochrome Awards are available to both amateurs and professionals, and there are several categories from which you can select according to your tastes and areas of interest. Film photos can also be sent, in addition to digital ones.


11. MonoVisions Photographic Prizes

This is another excellent choice if you enjoy black-and-white photography. Regarding your degree of expertise or subject matter, there are no limitations. Remember that the 2022 MonoVisions Photography Awards include two award categories: the Black and White Series of the Year and the Black and White Photo of the Year. 8 photographs must be included in the series.


Photographic documentation

12. World Peace Photo Prize

A laudable objective that we should all work for is world peace. This photo prize is sponsored by a variety of groups that advocate the principle of peaceful coexistence. You can submit a single image or a collection of up to 20 images for the Global Peace Photo Award. Any person from anywhere around the globe is welcome to take part.


Photography on Film

13. Movie Photo Prize

Even if digital photography is more common these days, there are still enthusiasts and experts all over the world that prefer film photography. Their ingenuity is supported and their work is promoted through Film Photo Award. Six awards are given out each year, including ones for Kodak film rolls, film development, interviews, and social media coverage.


Photography of the outdoors

14. International Landscape Photographer of The Year

It's vital to note that the event's organizers assert that the definition of "landscape photography" is open to interpretation. The International Landscape Photographer of the Year's official website claims that "the history of landscape art is interpretative, inventive, and inspirational." Sounds alluring and welcoming.


Smartphone Photography

15. Ippawards

One of the most well-known contests for smartphone photography is this one. The iPhone Photography Awards are known as IPPAWARDS. Since its founding in 2007, it has served as a career-launching opportunity for several gifted photographers. Submissions taken using iPhones and iPads are accepted by IPPAWARDS.


Photography of People

16. August Sander Award 

This is the ideal chance for you if you produce portraits using conceptual or documentary photography. Remember that you must enter a collection of up to 20 images that were developed especially for this contest. Additionally, because the August Sander Prize seeks to foster emerging talent, entrants over 40 are not permitted.


Biological Photography

17. Nikon Small World

A unique competition that sticks out from the others on this list. A light microscope must be used to collect all entries. Additionally, time-lapse photos and movies have their category. Experts in science, scientific communication, and visual storytelling make up the Nikon Small World jury. Make sure to participate if you have an interest in both microscopy and photography.


Photography of Sports

18. Bike Magazine Photo Competition

The several cycling disciplines are the primary emphasis of this specific competition. Off-road cycling and professional cycling, for instance. They are not the only ones, though. There are more categories, including open, tech, and futuristic. So even if your job doesn't include bicycling, feel free to apply for the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest.


Photography of Nature and Wildlife

19. EO International Wildlife & Natural World Photography Contest

A nonprofit group called Earth.Org is committed to raising awareness of the status of the environment and working to improve it through a variety of initiatives, such as supporting sustainable government practices. A way to draw attention to the problems with our ecosystems is through the EO Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition. Animals in danger and human influences on the environment are among the categories.


20. Big picture Natural World Photography Awards


For photographers of nature and wildlife, this contest is attractive. Suzi Eszterha, a recognized conservation photographer, serves as the chair of BigPicture, which has been going on for the past nine years. The BigPicture Natural World Photography Awards provide you the chance to show your photos at the California Academy of Sciences in addition to the cash award.